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Issue Intersolar 2017


  • Preview Intersolar & EES 2017:
    The PV sector is once again looking considerably more optimistically into the future. New business models are being used more and more in practice and flexible solutions are in demand.
  • Inverters: Ever more electronics for the solar module
    Several functions, from monitoring to MPP tracking, can be transferred to the junction box. How far this “upgrade” of the module can go and what benefits it brings, is still controversial.

Solar Thermal

Issue Husum 2017


  • Can blockchain revolutionise the energy sector?
    The disruptive power of the blockchain technology is so far continuing to be held back in the energy sector.

Wind Energy

  • Preview HUSUM Wind 2017:
    Rarely has a trade fair occasion been so beleaguered by market changes as this year’s HUSUM Wind.
  • Lidar: A versatile measuring method
    Almost no other “tool” is currently being developed as fast as laser measuring technology.
Issue 06/2016 Solar Edition

Solar thermal world market: Waiting for improvement
Solar thermal is stagnating worldwide. That is not expected to change in 2017, either. Nevertheless, if policymakers show that they are serious about implementing the COP-21 decisions, then there is hope for renewed strong growth in the medium term.

Issue 05/2016 Solar Edition

Market overview collectors: A slow process
The state-of-the-art of solar collectors is high, leaving little room for improvement. A key field of innovation is the segment for large-area collectors for solar heating plants. In addition, some collector manufacturers are stepping up their efforts to limit idle temperature.

Issue 04/2016 Solar Edition

Solar crowdfunding: A popular way
What do solar panels on 20 community buildings in Nottingham in the UK and a solar park in Langenbogen, Germany, have in common? Both projects have been financed through  crowdfunding platforms.

Issue 03/2016

Intersolar Europe & North America: Growth through battery storage

Issue 02/2016 Solar Edition - Turkish

Speaking Turkish?
We are combining our focus on ­selected markets with a main distribution of the magazines at the most important events, plus individual mailing in relevant ­countries. In this issue there will not only be the usual contributions in English, but also extra translations into the Turkish.

Issue 02/2016 Solar Edition

Focus region: Turkey

In this edition S&WE focuses on the solar energy markets in Turkey, renewables in the EU and storage perspectives. Furthermore the current issue presents a market overview of solar water heaters and PV solar farm technologies on the global markets.

Issue 01/2016 Solar Edition

SUN & WIND ENERGY 01/2016 The Solar Edition

PV in UK: What to expect in 2016?
The UK’s renewable energy policy took a sudden turn in 2015. Drastic cuts were announced to subsidies for solar and wind. Other measures initiated years ago to promote clean energy were scaled down. Although they were motivated by budgetary needs, at the core of the decisions there is the new energy vision of the Conservative government elected in May. So what to expect for 2016?

Issue 06/2015 Solar Edition

World maps of the solar industry: Success and crisis in a global market
In this edition S&WE presents its well-known world maps of the solar thermal and the photovoltaics industry. The fl at plate collector industry in Europe is under pressure, and the vacuum tube collector industry is establishing itself in Turkey, India and Mexico. As expected, the global focal point of the photovoltaics industry has shifted to the Asia-Pacifi c region and the USA. The demand for photovoltaics continues to be high and inverter manufacturers are also benefi ting from this.