Nordex delivers 21.6 MW to Finland

The wind turbine manufacturer Nordex won the contract for the delivery and construction of the wind farm Honkajoki from the Finnish asset management company Taaleritehdas. The 21.6 MW wind farm includes nine turbines from the series N117/2400, which will be installed on 120 m high towers. The contract is the first order called from a framework contract, which was just signed in June, for up to 111 facilities.

Nordex will construct the project Honkajoki in south-western Finland, where the prevailing average wind speed is 7.5 m/s. The wind farm should reach an annual yield of up to 100 GWh due to the specific design of the N117 turbines and as a result achieve a capacity factor of about 50%. The construction of the facilities should start in the spring of 2013.

"The quick progress in the cooperation with Taaleritehdas underlines the professionalism of our partner. In addition, it is a further important contract for our N117 turbine, whose quality we can now also demonstrate in Scandinavia," Nordex chairman Lars Bondo Krogsgaard said.

Katharina Garus

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