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Phocos: New solar charge controllers increase performance and user comfort

ECO-T-MPPT brings Phocos’ high precision MPP charging technology to the Phocos ECO series. (Photo: Phocos AG)

At Intersolar Fair, Munich, Phocos AG, world-leading manufacturer of solar-powered charge controllers and components for off-grid power supply, launches a range of innovative solar charge controllers with increased performance and enhanced user comfort. The new products are specifically designed for improved charging flexibility in mobile and solar home applications:


E.ON launches solar storage product in UK

E.ON has launched an innovative home energy solution technology for British consumers that’s already revolutionising the way people generate, store and use solar power in their homes in Europe. As part of E.ON’s commitment to providing its customers with smarter, sustainable solutions, E.ON Solar and Storage uses rooftop solar PV panels to convert sunlight into electricity which can then be used to provide power straightaway or stored in an at-home battery to use even when the sun goes down.


ABB showcases latest power grid technologies at Hanover fair

ABB will showcase a wide range of innovative products, systems, software and service solutions  at the Hannover Messe in Germany from April 24 - 28, 2017, that are helping to shape the transformation of the power sector as part of the energy revolution.


Socomec provides Energy Storage Systems for on-grid and off-grid

Photo: Socomec

With over 45 years’ expertise in energy conversion and more than 90 years in electrical protections, Socomec is now launching Energy Storage System (ESS) for on grid and off grid application with typical loads between 33 kW and 1 MW.


ISE Group, Total and SunPower Start Up the Nanao Solar Power Plant in Japan

ISE Group, Total and SunPower have started up a 27-megawatt-peak photovoltaic power plant in Nanao on Japan's Honshu Island. Completed one year after the beginning of construction, the plant will generate clean and reliable electricity to serve thousands of Japanese households on the island.


SeaZip is spreading its wings to the UK

Harlingen-based SeaZip Offshore Service BV has opened an office in the United Kingdom. It has responded to the appeal made by the British government to companies specialising in renewable offshore energy to set up business in the UK. SeaZip CEO Mr JR Arends said: 'The UK is the undisputed pioneer in Europe with regard to the creation of offshore wind farms. As maritime service providers, we feel that being involved in this at a local level is vital.'


ABB supports Kayseri OSB project with its solar solutions

ABB provides high-performance, modular inverters to Kayseri OSB (Organized Industrial Zone), the largest solar power plant in Turkey. The plant was constructed by Seferoglu Elektrik / Efektif Enerji as an EPC, using ABB PVS800 central inverter solution, the most efficient and cost-effective way to convert the direct current (DC) generated by solar modules into high-quality and CO2-free alternating current (AC) that can be fed into the power distribution network. The ABB inverter solution consists of PVS800 central inverters housed in concrete cabins to meet the local requirements and to protect the inverters from the harsh conditions on site.


SMA Equipment Selected for Storage Test at NREL’s National Wind Technology Center

Renewable Energy Systems will utilize SMA technology for a 1 MW battery pilot project at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) National Wind Technology Center (NWTC), the nation’s premier wind energy technology research facility.


DNV GL Receives APS’s Supplier of the Year Award

DNV GL has been awarded Arizona Public Service Company (APS) 2017 Supplier of the Year Award for Customer Service in recognition of its work helping APS deliver the Solutions for Business energy efficiency program. DNV GL was selected for this award for its willingness to go above and beyond the contract and the leadership it provides for the Solutions for Business program. DNV GL has achieved APS’s energy efficiency savings and customer satisfaction goals for the 10 years that DNV GL has been implementing the Solutions for Business program. The program has provided $ 1.5 billion lifetime customer bill savings and, since 2006, has paid out $ 150 million in rebates to APS customers.


4JET launches high volume system for back end processing of CIGS panels

4JET microtech has developed a high throughput solution that enables laser edge deletion, bus bar exposure and via drilling operations of CIGS glass substrates. Each of the new MPCT units can process 100 MW of typical CIGS substrates per annum, thereby reducing the number of backend processing stations when compared to conventional solutions. For typical large scale CIGS fabs with a nameplate capacity of 300 MW, up to now the 3 process steps would require at least 5 process lines with a total of up to 15 machines. The new MPCT system cuts down this number to only 3 units and provides for approximately 30% savings in CAPEX, 50% shorter ramp up times and a 30% smaller factory footprint.



Similar Entries

Sungrow’s total installations in the UK have grown up to over 260 MW. (Photo: Sungrow)

The PV inverter manufacturer Sungrow announced that more than 100 MW’s of inverters have been connected to grid in the UK during Q1 of 2016. This takes Sungrow’s total installations in the UK to over 260 MW. The units deployed were a mixture of string and central inverters, including the SG2000/2500 10 feet compact container turnkey solution, the SG2000/2500-MV 20 feet container turnkey solution, the SG60KTL string inverter and the SG1000MX outdoor central inverter.

The online marketplace for PV modules and components pvXchange regrouped in the spring of 2015. In the process, the company entered into a strategic partnership with Adler Solar, a full service provider for the solar industry.

Siemens will install 60 SWT-6.0-154 wind turbines at the Arkona offshore wind farm in the German Baltic Sea. (Photo: Siemens)

Siemens will deliver 60 direct-drive offshore wind turbines for the Arkona wind farm in the German Baltic Sea. To install the turbines E.ON has chosen Danish A2SEA and its specially designed vessel Sea Challenger.

Wholesaler SegenSolar (Pty) Ltd supplies the South African market with PV mounting systems from German brand Renusol exclusively. Via its online portal, SegenSolar offers the entire Renusol range – solutions for mounting photovoltaic installations both on the ground and on all types of roofs. SegenSolar is part of British PV wholesaler Segen Ltd.