Thornton Bank 2: the foundations are ready

In total, 25 steel-frame foundations for the wind turbines and a transformer station have been installed in water depths of between 12 and 25 m approximately 30 km off Ostend. Each foundation is about 50 m high and weighs around 550 tons. Installation started in June this year.

A heavy-duty crane positioned the foundations onto pre-installed foundation posts. After being manufactured in Hoboken near Antwerp, the steel-frame foundations were transported by means of pontoons through the Schelde estuary to the offshore construction site.

"The rapid construction progress for Thornton Bank 2 demonstrates that we are making big advances with the installation of offshore wind farms. Of course, we have not yet reached the end of the learning curve as the offshore wind industry is still quite young, but we have come a long way", emphasizes Martin Skiba, Head of Offshore Wind Power at RWE Innogy. The cabling within the wind farm will be completed at sea before the winter sets in. Early next year, installation of the turbines and the transformer station will follow.

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