ABB showcases investment in solar technology

ABB’s pioneering 100 and 120 kW string inverter featuring multi-MPPT solutions for maximum plant design flexibility. (Photo: ABB)
ABB’s pioneering 100 and 120 kW string inverter featuring multi-MPPT solutions for maximum plant design flexibility. (Photo: ABB)

As part of its commitment to support the generation of sustainable power, ABB will unveil new solutions resulting from its investment in developing innovative solar power conversion technology at this year’s Intersolar from stand 210 in Hall B2.  

Making its first public appearance at Intersolar, is ABB’s pioneering 100 and 120 kW string inverter featuring multi-MPPT solutions for maximum plant design flexibility.  It will be available at the end of 2017, with a power and voltage range extension to 1500 Vdc to be released soon after. The inverter has high energy harvesting and advanced cooling credentials. It requires minimal onsite interventions, as it has Internet of Things via IP based communication, scalable cloud architecture and easy wireless commissioning via tablet/mobile device.  

Joining it will be ABB’s latest addition to the TRIO family, the TRIO TM.  This 3 MPPT version features power ratings up to 60 kW, and offers enhanced flexibility to maximize the ROI in large systems. Also on display will be ABB’s new addition to the single-phase inverter family, the UNO-DM-PLUS series for residential PV installations.  It has power ratings from 1.2 to 5.0 kW, enabling integration with current and future devices for smart building automation.

In addition, ABB’s new, integrated microgrid solution, MGS100, will be on view. Built for extreme environments, it has the ability to transform lives and businesses in villages that struggle to access affordable and reliable electricity.  Combining solar power and battery energy storage, MGS100 removes the reliance on biofuel and diesel generators, reducing operating costs and environmental impact while increasing the energy storage capacity by up to 6 kWh.

It is joined by ABB’s PV inverter, REACT, that is Free@Home compatible and equipped with a built-in 2 kWh battery that allows unused energy to be stored during the day and used when needed, with the ability to program up to four appliances.  With a wi-fi port and an application for smartphones or tablets, owners can manage their energy from anywhere. 

For utility scale power generation, the 1500 Vdc PVS980 central inverter will be on the stand. Now available with an extended power range up to 2300 kVA, PVS980 is optimized for multi-megawatt PV power plants. Featuring an innovative cooling solution for demanding applications, it reduces maintenance costs and offers outstanding reliability. Its compact, modular design is suitable for outdoors and comes with a range of industrial data communications options, including remote control monitoring. The inverter is complemented with a compact Plug and Play solution, PVS980-MWS megawatt station, rated up to 4600 kVA.

Giovanni Frassineti, head of ABB’s solar business, explained: “We firmly believe that solar technology should be a leading sustainable energy source, driving growth in mature and developing economies.  We look forward to meeting with our customers at InterSolar 2017 to show how our investments will support their own business growth.” Further solar product launches will come throughout 2017.

Source: ABB

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