Exosun and ATEC Architecture launch the Exotrack HZ solar tracker on the Chinese PV market


Martillac – ATEC, a major Chinese solar mounting system manufacturer and installer, has signed a technology agreement with Exosun, worldwide leading supplier of advanced, cost-effective solar tracking solutions for ground-mounted PV plants, to manufacture and commercialize as of today Exosun’s Exotrack® HZ solar tracking system on the Chinese PV market, the biggest in the world, in order to maximize its clients’ solar plant output and returns.

ATEC Architecture, who has already manufactured and installed 7,000 MW of fixed mounting structures on Chinese PV plants, brings its know-how in local industrial production, and Exosun contributes its expertise in solar tracking. Exosun will ensure optimal design transfer of its Exotrack® HZ system to enable ATEC to manufacture tracker parts and commercialize a cost-effective high quality tracking technology for the Chinese ground-mounted PV market with huge potential for solar trackers.

“It was essential for us to enter the biggest PV market with a large potential for solar trackers. So we’re thrilled to sign a technology agreement with ATEC, an experienced and accredited player on the Chinese PV market,” commented Jean-Noël de Charentenay, VP Strategy of Exosun. “By combining our know-how in the solar utility field, ATEC will be able to deliver in China our robust, easy to install and maintain tracking technology and commercialize it at a very competitive price.”

“We are delighted to announce this partnership with Exosun,” said Xu Ke, Co-founder and Vice President of ATEC Architecture. “We found the Exosun product to be a superior system. The simplicity, reliability, flexibility, operational cost and overall value are unmatched. We are truly proud to add this technology to our product catalog. Together we will be able to optimally serve our customers based in China with advanced solar tracking solutions tailored to their needs that will boost their solar revenues.”

Source: Exosun

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