Imeon Energy in Australia, the company is opening a Service Center in Melbourne


Brest – Continuing its strategy of proximity, aiming to offer its customers the high quality service, Imeon Energy opens a Service Center in Melbourne, Australia. This follows the opening of the French Center covering Europe and the one in South Africa at the end of 2016.

A year after its introduction to the Australian audience, Imeon Energy has made itself known in this important market, by swiftly assigning multiple resellers and initiating tremendous demand for its hybrid inverters. IMEON products have quickly took position as the indispensable element of any photovoltaic solar installation in the country. They stand out from the crowd as a concentrate of technology and innovation which perfectly meets the requirements and high expectations of the local public.

The hybrid Imeon inverters are particularly appreciated for the smart management of self-consumption with storage, but the fact that the inverters come with embedded artificial intelligence plays an important role as well. Indeed, thanks to the implementation of an AI, Imeon predicts, anticipates and learns which, combined with multitude of downloadable applications, allows it to improve its overall performance and effortlessly integrate feature updates.

Source: IMEON Energy

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On October 30, 2017 Imeon Energy has signed a new partnership agreement with Swiss based battery manufacturer Leclanché, to resell its solar inverters for self-consumption with storage. Following the contract signature, Imeon Energy will supply Leclanché with its new generation of IMEON inverters integrating an Artificial Intelligence able to understand its environment in order to adapt its operating strategy to respect the objectives of the users.

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