IMEON ENERGY signs a partnership agreement for the distribution of its hybrid inverters for self-consumption with Leclanché


On October 30, 2017 Imeon Energy has signed a new partnership agreement with Swiss based battery manufacturer Leclanché, to resell its solar inverters for self-consumption with storage. Following the contract signature, Imeon Energy will supply Leclanché with its new generation of IMEON inverters integrating an Artificial Intelligence able to understand its environment in order to adapt its operating strategy to respect the objectives of the users.

Thanks to this partnership, Leclanché will be able to offer its customers a complete solution integrating Li-ion storage and energy conversion. This partnership comes at a key time when Switzerland is resolutely turning towards self-consumption with storage. Proof of this turning point, the canton of Vaud, has implemented "100 million for renewable energy and energy efficiency" program which subsidizes self-consumption projects with storage, both in terms of residential housing and small tertiary or industrial buildings.

Christophe Goasguen, C.E.O. of IMEON ENERGY says "We are very pleased with this partnership that offers new opportunities for our company, and also very proud to have been chosen by Leclanché, a historic player in the field of storage and world-renowned for the exemplary quality of its products ".

Source: Imeon Energy

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