Meteocontrol: Turnkey all-inclusive solution for systems up to 750 kW


Since the introduction of the EEG 2017 at the start of the year, there has been a fundamental change to the support mechanism to a tendering model. Small to medium-size PV systems with an installed capacity of up to 750 kW are exempt, however. Free-standing systems in this segment will receive up to 2.5 cents more as a feed-in tariff than systems in the latest tendering round in accordance with the EEG 2017 (currently 8.51 ct/kWh).

Meteocontrol GmbH wants to support potential operators and is as of now offering a turnkey all-inclusive system solution. The fixed-price offer includes monitoring, infeed management and direct marketing for systems in Germany with a capacity of below 750 kW. “System operators profit doubly from this offer,” explains Martin Schneider, head of Meteocontrol: “they get a system solution individually tailored to their PV system and do not have to manage anything.” Meteocontrol takes on the complete management from project development to the start of monitoring, infeed management and direct marketing. The operator thus saves a lot of time required for coordination and implementation and can concentrate wholly on the construction of the system, says Meteocontrol. The package price consists of the system solution including the switch box and all necessary components, as well as any journey costs within Germany. The high level of interest within the sector for this innovation is confirmed by the numerous enquiries regarding system solutions specifically for this system category, reports the company in the run-up to the Intersolar. (Booth: B2.230)

Source: Meteocontrol

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