Phocos: New solar charge controllers increase performance and user comfort

ECO-T-MPPT brings Phocos’ high precision MPP charging technology to the Phocos ECO series. (Photo: Phocos AG)
ECO-T-MPPT brings Phocos’ high precision MPP charging technology to the Phocos ECO series. (Photo: Phocos AG)

At Intersolar Fair, Munich, Phocos AG, a manufacturer of solar-powered charge controllers and components for off-grid power supply, launches a range of innovative solar charge controllers with increased performance and enhanced user comfort. The new products are specifically designed for improved charging flexibility in mobile and solar home applications:

CXup Series 10 - 40 A

New in Phocos’ successful PWM charge controller series is the innovative CXup series with three models from 10 to 40 A maximum charge and load current. In addition to Phocos’ highly efficient four-stage PWM charging control this series also features automated temperature compensation, further increasing power generation efficiency in demanding mobile applications like boats or mobile home systems, in areas with major temperature fluctuations and in very high temperatures. The charge controller’s housing is manufactured in glass fiber reinforced polyamide.  Directly connected to the battery, the temperature sensor (included in delivery) ensures reliable over- and undervoltage protection. New LCD sensor keys, another innovative Phocos feature, give fast and convenient access to a vast amount of system data and control, programming, and monitoring functions. The new charge controller also features a convenient USB charging port (5 V, 1,500 mA), acoustic alarms and a programmable nightlight function.


The new ECO-T-MPPT brings Phocos’ high precision Maximum Power Point charging technology to the popular Phocos ECO series. This new charge controller delivers up to 30 percent more yield from solar modules. At the same time it increases battery life time significantly thanks to its innovative temperature-compensated 3 stage charging algorithm, a highly successful proprietary Phocos development. The new MPPT charge controller automatically tracks the modules’ ideal power point, ensuring maximum power output at any point in time. ECO-T-MPPT is ideal for charging 12 V resp. 24 V batteries (automated battery voltage detection) with the 60-cell modules typically used in solar power plants at attractive prices.

“High performance charge controllers play a major role for increasing solar efficiency, yield and ROI”, says Rudy Müller, CEO of Phocos AG. “This is why we are consistently steering our development towards more yield, more user comfort and longer lifetimes at attractive prices. We have designed these latest charge controller innovations in close cooperation with leading customers as an answer for a steadily growing market demand.”

Source: Phocos

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