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Schletter‘s newly developed Rapid 16 module clamping range (Photo: Schletter)
Schletter‘s newly developed Rapid 16 module clamping range (Photo: Schletter)

The Schletter Group is coming to the Intersolar with a host of new and further developments. At the forefront here is the considerably simplified handling of the products, both for the users and the traders. The company says its highlights here are the newly developed module clamping range and prefabricated module kits which should considerably simplify the planning and mounting of PV systems.

The new Rapid 16 module clamp covers the entire spectrum of use with just a handful of product variants. Thanks to turnable claws and flexible clamping thicknesses, Schletter claims that all common module sizes can be mounted with these – both vertically and horizontally. This enables users to have a particularly easy and quick planning and installation process. For traders, the storage requirements are dramatically reduced. Instead of needing to keep over 190 product variants in stock as until now, five will be enough in the future. The clamping thickness of the Rapid 16 is flexible; the lower module clamps can take modules with a frame height of 30 to 40 mm, while the higher ones are designed for frame heights of 40 to 50 mm. The clamps thus fit all common systems.

In order to simplify the planning and installation of smaller PV systems and make them cheaper, the Schletter Group is introducing prefabricated assembly kits. These are modular, combinable and prefabricated assembly units. With its easier planning, this concept enables a quicker mounting on site without cutting to size being required. Additionally, customers should benefit from shorter delivery times as a result of optimised parts storage and a lower system price through standardisation.

For flat roof systems Schletter is presenting the AluGrid and AluGrid100 system as a kit. The system is especially suitable for an east-west or a south-facing orientation. Thanks to an aerodynamic optimisation only a low amount of ballast is now required, as proved statically in individual cases. With the AluGrid100 sets you have a choice of going for one to three double rows of modules with prefabricated module supports and already stuck on protection mats with the relevant accessory parts. The free-standing system PvMax will also be presented at the Intersolar as a kit solution. The kits are supplied with all the necessary components for the substructure.

For roofs with trapezoidal sheet coverings Schletter is presenting two new fixing solutions. With the newly developed Eco Rapid clamp PV modules may be fixed directly to the trapezoidal sheets without the need for module clamps or mounting rails. The clamp is directly hooked into the frame profile of the module. The new trapezoidal sheet fixing ClampFIT 17 was designed for horizontal and vertical fixing to trapezoidal sheet roofing. (Booth A4.180)

Source: Schletter Group

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