Socomec provides Energy Storage Systems for on-grid and off-grid

Photo: Socomec
Photo: Socemec

With over 45 years’ expertise in energy conversion and more than 90 years in electrical protections, Socomec is now launching Energy Storage System (ESS) for on grid and off grid application with typical loads between 33 kW and 1 MW.

What is Socomec’s Energy Storage Solution? Socomec solution offers all the components of an ESS: batteries (lithium-ion and lead-acid), AC and DC protections and distribution cabinets (using Socomec wide products range), Power Conversion Systems SUNSYS PCS² and control systems. In case of microgrid applications with several sources of energy (Grid, Diesel Genset, Energy Storage…), Socomec also provides a paralleling cabinet to connect and synchronize these sources and to ensure continuity and quality of supply

Three frames of SUNSYS PCS² are available, with a power of 33, 66 or 100 KVA per unit. It is a scalable solution that can be put in parallel to reach MW scale installations, such as in the USA where the UL version is used in the largest indoor ESS installation. The SUNSYS PCS² can work with or without a grid connection. In case there is no grid, the SUNSYS PCS² IM for Islanding Mode will act as a voltage generator for the microgrid. To discover more about Socomec’s solution for Energy Storage, please visit Hall A2 stand 534. More info at:

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