Sungrow showcases the latest 1500 V family and utility-scale energy storage systems

1500V string inverter SG125HV (photo: Sungrow)
1500V string inverter SG125HV (Photo: Sungrow)

At this year’s Intersolar Europe, Sungrow, the world’s leading PV inverter system solution supplier brings its latest 1500 V family, commercial PV products, residential PV products, and utility-scale energy storage systems. Backed by its cutting edge technology, Sungrow products are best characterized by their high yield, easy O&M, saved investment and complete grid support. All of these products are on show at stand 330 in hall B3.

The 1500Vdc Family

The SG125HV, the world’s most powerful 1500Vdc string inverter, is designed to significantly reduce installation and balance of system costs for utility-scale PV systems. It features a 125kW capacity, up to 5MW block design, and max. DC/AC ratio up to 1.5. Thanks to its Virtual Central Inverter Concept of installing at one place near the MV transformer, SG125HV significantly reduces the cost for installation and maintenance. The inverter, equipped with IP68 fan, can work with no derating upto 50℃. The SG3000HV-MV, a containerized 1500Vdc turnkey station, is best characterized by its 20-foot container design which integrates MV transformer and helps save initial investment. The central inverter comes with a max. system efficiency of 99% and full power operation without derating at 50℃. O&M efforts are reduced through the integrated zone current monitoring function and modular design.

Commercial PV Products

With a max. efficiency of 98.9% and Euro. efficiency of 98.7%, the SG80KTL string inverter is able to work without derating at 50 ℃, ensuring high yield for the commercial PV plant. It also significantly saves investment by supporting maximized DC/AC ratio up to 1.4. The product is equipped with string current monitoring function, making trouble shooting even faster and easier. The SG12KTL-M, featuring 2 MPP trackers, is compatible with different PV orientation design. Thanks to its compact and light weight design, the inverter can be installed by only one person.

Residential PV Products

The residential PV inverters SG2K5-S and SG3K6-D/SG4K6-D are rated from 2.5kw to 4.6kw, with the latter supporting 2 MPP trackers. Their max. DC/AC ratio can reach up to 1.3, greatly reducing initial investment. Furthermore, these light weighted inverters can be handled by one person and save installation cost. The SH4K6 hybrid inverter is designed for residential energy storage applications. It can be connected to both new and retrofitting systems, and is compatible with both lithium-ion and lead acid batteries. Having been integrated with EMS and smart home load control function, this inverter can be monitored and upgraded remotely.

Utility-scale Energy Storage Systems

The utility-scale ESS consists of the high voltage SC1000HV storage inverter, the latest Samsung SDI battery pack, and EMS. This system, supplied by Sungrow-Samsung SDI JV, complies with UL and TÜV standards. Thanks to its container design, the ESS can be flexibly configured at customers’ request as well as easily transported to site and maintained. The maximum charge/discharge cycling efficiency can reach up to 96.5% and the maximum capacity for the 40-foot battery container is 4.8MWh. This system can be applied to frequency-modulation and peak-shaving uses.

Source: Sungro

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