Hanwha Q CELLS and Kalyon Enerji won Turkish PV tender at a bid of 6.99 US-ct/kWh

6.99 U.S.-ct/kWh was the bid for a 1 GW solar power plant in Turkey (photo: iStock)
6.99 U.S.-ct/kWh was the bid for a 1 GW solar power plant in Turkey (photo: iStock)

A 1 GW tender for the biggest renewable energy project in Turkey's history was won by a 50-50 percent joint venture formed by Hanwha Q CELLS and Kalyon Enerji. Both companies will build a 1.000 MW solar power plant in the Karapınar region in Turkey with the bid of 6.99 US-ct/kWh (6.51 Euro-ct./kWh).

According to the tender rules, this price will be valid for 15 years, while companies have 30 years of usage rights. As prerequisite all components that will be used in this project must be manufactured locally. Kutay Kaleli, President of the International Solar Energy Society’s Turkey Division (GUNDER) commented on this decision: ''First of all, we congratulate Kalyon Enerji and Hanwha Q CELLS, who won the competition representing Turkey solar energy industry, for these important achievements. I have no doubt that this project, to which our Ministry attaches great importance, will be completed before the specified time-frame. With the conclusion of the competition, Turkey has already made the biggest step towards the establishment of solar energy investments, and more importantly, a domestic and national solar energy industry.”

As a result of this competition, the price quotation for the 19th round was below the psychological limit of 7 U.S.-ct/kWh. Investments in the 1 GW solar power plant aggregate to 1.3 billion U.S.-$. The power plant is expected to start operation within 36 months at the latest and will include a domestic 500 MW factory that will be operational within 21 months at the latest.

As of the end of February 2017 Turkey's solar power capacity was 899 MW. This capacity includes two licensed power plants with a total of 12.9 MW and other power plants operating under the unlicensed regulation.

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