Hybrid Hydroelectric and FPV system realised in Portugal

The power output of the FPV plant on Alto Rabagão is equivalent to the annual consumption of around 100 homes. (Photo: EDP Group)
The power output of the FPV plant on Alto Rabagão is equivalent to the annual consumption of around 100 homes. (Photo: EDP Group)

A hybrid system combining floating photovoltaics and hydroelectric power generation has been installed at the Alto Rabagão dam in Portugal. FPV systems are producing energy on areas that are unused otherwise. The pioneer project has an installed capacity of 220 kW and is expected to produce 332 MWh.

Ciel & Terre International (C&T) is a French company specialised in floating photovoltaics (FPV). In Portugal, where Market studies are seeing great potentials for FPV, C&T’s floating solution Hydrelio® is distributed by D2M-Energytransit.

The EDP (Energias de Portugal) Group is the Portuguese leader within the electricity sector and manages a large number of hydroelectric facilities. The company acknowledged the great potential of the hybridization of this technology and FPV. This led to a tender and at the end to the connection with C&T to realise a pilot project.

C&T oversaw all project development to ensure proper design and installation of the floating PV along with the electrical and anchoring systems. The most challenging part of the build was the depth of 60 m and the level variation of 30 m. D2M-Energytransit accompanied C&T throughout the entire process of EDP’s project on the Alto Rabagão.

Dam reservoirs are the targeted application for C&T considering the energetic and economic potential. It is estimated that in covering only 10% of the 50 largest dams in the world, C&T can produce 400 GW of solar electricity.

Philipp Kronsbein / C&T

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