Only a third of PV installers in the U.S. offer energy storage


Only 34% of photovoltaics installers in the United States offer energy storage solutions. This was one of the results of a survey among 302 PV installers in 42 states conducted by market analyst EuPD Research.

The main reasons for not offering storage options given by the participants of the “PV InstallerSurvey USA 2015/2016” are the prices of batteries for PV systems and the resulting low profit margins. Additionally, participants criticized the insufficient technological maturity of storage systems. Due to this, 38% of the participants did not offer storage solutions. But another 26% of the survey participants want to include energy storage systems in their range of products in 2016. With this, the percentage of PV installers offering storage solutions could rise to 60% in 2016.

When it comes to brands, battery specialist Tesla achieved the highest score in regard to the unaided brand awareness, although Trojan is the most widely used energy storage brand in the U.S. The most important features U.S. installers look for when choosing an energy storage brand are guarantee conditions and ease of installations.

EuPD Research / Tanja Peschel

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SCHMID has successfully installed and commissioned three EverFlow® energy storage systems in China. The order was received from one of the world’s leading producers for high-efficiency solar cells. The batteries are charged by a photovoltaic system and are controlled by a companywide energy management system. The customer uses the EverFlow® batteries as a dependable back-up system which is part of the company’s power supply concept. After a successful test phase, the customer will use SCHMID energy storage solutions in combination with their own large-scale PV projects.

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In 2018, Fronius Solar Energy will be launching yet more powerful solutions for storing solar energy, including a new Fronius Energy Package. This comprises an inverter, the Fronius Checkbox and a storage unit from LG – the ideal solution for price- and quality-conscious system owners. Fronius is also continuing its research in the field of energy sector integration, and plans to commission a pilot system in which green hydrogen will be generated from solar energy in the second quarter of 2018.