First EverFlow® Energy Storage Systems delivered to China


SCHMID has successfully installed and commissioned three EverFlow® energy storage systems in China. The order was received from one of the world’s leading producers for high-efficiency solar cells. The batteries are charged by a photovoltaic system and are controlled by a companywide energy management system. The customer uses the EverFlow® batteries as a dependable back-up system which is part of the company’s power supply concept. After a successful test phase, the customer will use SCHMID energy storage solutions in combination with their own large-scale PV projects.

“It was our goal to use our self-produced solar energy more efficiently and to maximize its use. We deliberately decided to go with SCHMID’s Vanadium Redox Flow Technology because it is much safer than alternative battery technologies and it has a much longer lifetime“, said the CTO. It was SCHMID’s first delivery of storage systems to the Chinese market.

“Due to increasing environmental awareness and continuous strong economic growth in China, the demand for sustainable and renewable energy is quickly increasing. The large amounts of PV and wind power plants producing renewable energy require energy storage systems in order to ensure a stable grid. Due to this development, the Chinese market is very important to us,” says Dr. Henrik Buschmann, Vice President BU Energy Systems at SCHMID.

The EverFlow® energy storage system by SCHMID is tailored for small to large-scale businesses, off-grid applications or as a backup. The battery has a compact design and unique advantages with respect to safety and environmental requirements. The electrolyte is water based and therefore non-flammable and non-explosive. Furthermore the EverFlow® batteries have a very long cycle life and are therefore not only significantly more cost-efficient but also very environmentally friendly.

Source: Schmid Group