ÖkoFEN presents fully self-sufficient family home

With the new system, ÖkoFEN wants to enable customers to supply themselves with 100 % of ecological heat and self-produced electricity in the future. (Graphic: ÖkoFEN)

Independence in terms of energy supply is one of the most important future topics. For this reason, ÖkoFEN presents a new, and as the company says unique system at the ISH expo in Frankfurt. The system allows single-family houses to be independent of power supply.


Green heating for Denmark's second largest city

The Studstrup Power Station is located northeast of Aarhuse. (Photo: DONG Energy)

In Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, one of the world’s biggest biogas-fueled combined heat and power (CHP) stations is located. On October 10th the Studstrup Power Station switched to use exclusively wood pellets instead of coal. The plant is now providing green heating and electricity for the city and the surrounding area corresponding to the annual heating consumption of 225,000 residents.


Permanent tax exemption for agricultural biogas plants in France

France is making biogas plants such as the one in Saint Sigismond more lucrative. (Photo: Weltec Biopower)

The French finance law of 2015 already provided a seven-year tax exemption for agricultural biogas plants. From 2016 onward, that exemption will become permanent. It only recently came to light that the French tax authorities confirmed this in an administrative letter dated 6 January 2016.


1 MW biogas plant in Australia

The two stainless-steel digesters in Aurora which will be fed with 100 tons of organic waste per day. (Photo: Weltec Biopower GmbH)

A suburb of Melbourne, Australia, will get a Waste-to-Energy biogas plant with a capacity of 1 MW. The German biogas expert Weltec Biopower and Aquatec Maxcon are responsible for the plant’s construction, which is scheduled to take 14 months.


Biomethane plant in the UK inaugurated

The biomethane plant that is being built in Metheringham, UK. (Photo: Agraferm Technologies)

The German company Agraferm Technologies AG starts building its tenth biomethane plant in the United Kingdom. Overall, Agraferm has received three contracts for new biogas plants.


Things you need to know about the new heating label!

The efficiency label for new heating systems, water heaters and heat storage systems went into effect on 26 September. Many specialist publications, including our own, have been reporting on the topic for months. Trade associations have also been flooding the market with information, making it hard to keep track. For this reason, we decided to put together a summary of the most important points.


A frugal place to unwind

In the Goona mountain restaurant you can relax at the fire­side after a day on the slopes. Still, it is worth to give a second thought at how the energy consumed up in the mountains has been generated. (Photo: Fortner ­Speichertechnik)

The mountain restaurant Goona needs to draw 450 kWh of energy every day to supply its guests with good food in a cosy dining room. To cover that demand, it taps into three environment-friendly sources: the power of the sun, the fire of a wood-burning stove, and the waste heat from a refrigeration system. The three complement each other perfectly. Here you can see how: