World’s Largest Linear Fresnel Solar Power Station Commences Operation

Calasparra, Spain – Puerto Errado 2 (PE2), the 30MW solar thermal power station built by Novatec Solar using its proprietary solar field technology, has been completed and is in operation. PE2’s solar boiler includes a mirror surface of 302,000m2 making it the world’s largest operational solar thermal power station based on linear Fresnel collector technology.

India: AREVA to build Asia’s largest concentrated solar power installation

AREVA Solar, an AREVA subsidiary, has been awarded a contract by the Indian group Reliance Power Limited to build a 250 megawatt (MW) concentrated solar power (CSP) installation in India, which will become the largest in all of Asia.

Novatec Solar’s Australian Fuel-Saver Commences Operation

Karlsruhe - Novatec’s solar boiler has commenced operations at the Liddell Power Station in New South Wales, Australia. The solar boiler acts as a fuel-saver by feeding steam into the existing coal fired power station and reducing the coal required to operate the facility. The Liddell Power Station is owned by Australian utility, Macquarie Generation.

Siemens divests from solar industry

The Munich-based technology company Siemens plans to sell off its solar interests. In line with the company plan for 2014, the company's solar-thermal power plant interests as well as its smaller photovoltaics business are to be sold.

Areva Solar builds 250 MW power plant in India

Areva Solar has been awarded a contract by Reliance Power Limited to build a 250 MW CSP power plant in India. The plant will be constructed with two separate 125 MW units, each with its own solar field and power block. For the Solar fields Areva will use linear Fresnel collectors and will provide construction management services for the project.