Offshore Wind Energy

LM Group announces sale of LM Wind Power to GE

On October 11th the LM Group Holding announced that Doughty Hanson, the European private equity firm, has agreed to sell its stakes in the LM Wind Power Holding to GE for an enterprise value of € 1.5 billion.


Wind power will reach 500 GW worldwide by the end of the year

At the end of June wind capacity worldwide reached 456,486 MW, which corresponds to 4.7 % of the global electricity demand. In the second half of 2016, an additional 40 GW are expected, bringing the total to 500 GW. The announcement was made by the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) in its half-year report.


Technological innovations can reduce the cost of wind energy by a third by 2030

An analysis presented at WindEnergy Hamburg last week shows that in Europe the cost of energy from offshore wind farms could be reduced by a third by 2030 thanks to a number of technological innovations.


More energy, less noise: Siemens launches three new models of wind turbines

Next year Siemens will start producing three new models of onshore wind turbines. They will maximize the output at low and medium wind speed, and reduce noise. The announcement was made this week at WindEnergy 2016, the trade show in Hamburg.


Prototypes for new Gamesa turbines installed in Spain

The prototype of Gamesa’s new turbine G132-3.3 MW is now installed. (Photo: Gamesa)

Gamesa has announced the installation of the prototypes of its newest turbine models G126-2.5 MW and G132-3.3 MW at the Alaiz R&D facility in Navarra, Spain.


Under mounting pressure, the European wind industry calls for action to keep the sector competitive

Feeling the pressure from regions that have ramped up investment in renewable energy, the European wind industry has put forward proposals on ways to keep competitive.


Aquila Capital acquires two German wind parks

The investment company Aquila Capital has acquired two operational wind parks in Germany with a combined capacity of 80 MW.


Areva wants to sell its Adwen-shares to Gamesa

Areva’s Board of Directors has decided to authorize its Executive Management to sell the company’s shares in the offshore wind company Adwen to Gamesa. With this, Areva further advances its focus on nuclear power.


Gamesa to maintain a 69 MW wind farm in Italy

Wind energy specialist Gamesa has been contracted to maintain a wind farm in Sicily, Italy, for the next three years.


The world’s biggest wind turbine gearbox

 Adwen and Winergy developed the world largest gearbox so far exclusively for the Adwen 8 MW ASD 8-180 wind turbine. (Photo: Adwen)

In close cooperation Adwen and Winergy developed the gearbox for Adwen's AD 8-180 offshore wind turbine. With an input torque of close to 10,000 kilonewton-meters (kNm) and a weight of 86 tonnes it is the largest wind turbine gearbox ever built in the world.