731 MW Projekt auf Industriebrache

Die Installation der 2.760 Module und 10 Wechselrichter des ersten Bauabschnittes des Solarparks der Verbandsgemeinde Daun wird nach Schätzungen von WES Green sechs Wochen in Anspruch nehmen. (Foto: WES Green)

Die WES Green GmbH aus Trier realisiert gegenwärtig auf dem Gelände eines ehemaligen Steinbruchs eine PV-Anlage mit einem Investitionsvolumen von € 650.00. Nach dem Baubeginn Ende März rechnet das Untermehmen mit der Fertigstellung und der Inbetriebnahme im Mai. Für das kommende Jahr ist zudem eine Erweiterung des 731-MW-Projektes auf 1,2 MW geplant.


Solarnova acquires new Stringer

A Stringer is the core of photovoltaic module manufacturing: its function is to perform the welding between cells in order to form chains, leaving the cells perfectly aligned with each other while making a quality analysis of each cell, looking for micro-tears, scratches or broken edges. (Photo: solarnova)

Solarnova produces conventional PV modules as well as BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic). Now the company has acquired a new stringer built by Teamtechnik. The Stringer is meant to increase the number of modules produced while maintaining the company’s quality standards.


Imec Develops Bifacial n-PERT Solar Cell with a Record Percent Front-Side Efficiency

Imec announced it has realized bifacial n-PERT solar cells using an industrially-compatible process with a record-setting front-side conversion efficiency of 22.8 %. Used bifacially under standard front illuminations conditions in conjunction with an additional 0.15 sun rear illumination, these cells can produce the equivalent energy of 26.2 % monofacial cells, as the  research and innovation hub in nano-electronics, energy and digital technology and partner in EnergyVille points out.


GE Installed the First 1,500-Volt Solar Inverter in Japan

GE was chosen to provide two, LV5 1-MW, 1,500-volt inverters to Looop Co., Ltd. (Photo: GE)

Following an agreement reached last year, GE has successfully delivered and installed one of two 1,500-Volt solar inverters in the Ibaragi prefecture. The unit is now in smooth operation in Looop Co. Ltd.’s PV-plant, as the manufacturer announced. The successful commercial operation of the unit marks the entry of 1,500-volt solar technology in Japan’s solar market.


Installation of 8.79-MW-system at New Toyota Headquarters Underway

When complete, more than 20,000 solar panels mounted on seel carport structures will cover the area equal to 10 football fields. (Photo: SunPower)

SunPower has announced that construction has begun on an 8.79 MW solar system at Toyota Motor North America's new headquarters in Plano (Texas). Close to one megawatt larger than originally planned, it is expected to be Texas' largest corporate office on-site solar installation among non-utility companies.


Contradiction in Key Markets Will Lead to Sluggish Growth of Global PV Demand, IHS Markit Says

IHS Markit, a world leader in critical information, analytics and solutions, projects that global demand for photovoltaics (PV) will reach 79 GW in  2017, a slight 2 percent increase over the 78 GW installed in 2016. This compares to annual growth that surpassed30 percent in both 2015 and 2016.


PV Modules for Commercial Vehicles

Principle of the vehicle-integrated PV modules for refrigerated semitrailers developped by Fraunhofer ISE. (Photo: Fraunhofer ISE)

Thanks to considerable cost reductions in PV, solar energy holds increasing appeal for use in the mobility sector. The Fraunhofer ISE has counducted research concerning this possible. The findings show, that even a replacement of diesel fuelled trucks with solar-powered ones seems to be possible to some extent.