Solar Thermal

Liquid storage of solar energy – more effective than ever before

The molecular solar thermal system developed in Sweden (graphic: Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)

Researchers in Sweden have demonstrated efficient solar energy storage in a chemical liquid. The stored energy can be transported and then released as heat whenever needed while the storage medium is fully recovered – a so-called molecular solar thermal system.


California wants to make solar power obligatory

The installation of PV or solar heat might be obligatory soon. (Photo: Adroit)

The state of California has submitted a bill that would mandate the installation of solar power on all new buildings. Current law only mandates new buildings to be “solar ready” meaning, that there has to be at least 15 % of the roof’s area free of shades. However, at the moment the bill is in the early stage and a lot is still to be figured out.


Solar Thermal to stay in UK Renewable Heat Incentive

The solar thermal industry will breathe a sigh of relief after months of uncertainty over the decision of the UK government to drop its plans of removing solar thermal from the Renewable Heat Incentive. The Solar Trade Association worked hard to prevent the removal.


Innovative storage technologies for solar heat and other topics at EuroSun 2016

In a video interview recorded at EuroSun 2016, heat storage experts Mohammed Mehdi Farid from the University of Auckland and Wim van Helden from AEE INTEC explain how passive storage technologies and thermo-chemical materials can help to store solar energy for the winter.


A call to end uncertainty on solar heat in the UK

A group of 21 organisations called on the British government to end the uncertainty and retain solar thermal in the Renewable Heath Incentive (RHI). In a letter sent to the minister for energy and intellectual property, Baroness Neville-Rolfe, representatives of the solar industry, local governments, manufacturers, housing providers, land owners and environmental groups said that the technology should not be excluded from the support scheme.


Record-breaking solar heating project in Silkeborg

The world’s largest solar heating project so far with 12,436 collectors is planned to start operation at the end of 2016. (Photo: Arcon-Sunmark)

In Denmark the largest solar heating solution in the world is well underway. When finished the 156,694 m2 collector field will produce 80.000 MWh annually.


Roth expands plant in the USA

The groundbreaking ceremony for the plant expansion in Watertown, which took place in July 2016, was attended by Manfred Roth, Executive Chairman,of Roth Industries, Joseph A. Brown, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Roth USA and the mayor of Watertown, Joseph Butler. Other guests included representatives of the State of New York, of Jefferson County and the Watertown region. (Photo: Roth Industries)

Roth Industries is expanding its capacity at its location in Watertown, New York, with a new large-scale blow moulding system and a 2,500 square metre factory expansion with modern infrastructure.