Solar Thermal

Solar thermal in Antarctica

The refurbished station in Antarctica now has a solar thermal and PV system. (Photo: Elektro-Mechanik Meisl GmbH)

A German research station at Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica, is now equipped with nine air collectors to provide heating during the summer.


Vacuum tubes for autonomous sterilisation

Clean machine: When it is collapsed, the Life Shift Steriliser can be carried by one person on their back, allowing surgical instruments to be sterilised in the remotest places. The crowdfunding campaign for the user test is currently underway. (Photo: RSO Shift)

A new mobile sterilisation unit uses solar heat to sterilise surgical instruments, making it easier to perform operations in remote areas where there is no hospital.


Worldwide 14% fewer solar thermal installations than in 2014

Compared to 2014, the market for solar thermal collectors has shrunk by 14%. This value has been determined on the basis of 18 countries, in which solar collectors with an overall thermal capacity of 32.7 GW have been installed. In 2014 those countries installed a total of 43.4 GW.


Intelligent coupling is driving forward the heating transition

The energy centre of Police Academy Biberach in Germany: Two CHP units are combined using power to heat aggregates.(Photo:Duckek)

Combining the power and heat market requires sophisticated overall systems that do not just consist of a single CHP unit or a heat pump. A virtual electricity storage facility in Biberach, Germany, illustrates how this can be achieved.


STA: Push to keep solar thermal support in the UK

Solar thermal can provide domestic heat and help reduce fuel poverty. (Photo: Solar Trade Association/Norfolk Solar)

The British solar industry wants to fight against the government’s plans to stop the support of solar thermal. If the plans go ahead, solar thermal could be removed from the renewable heat incentive completely in 2017.


Steca solar electronics: preview of the Intersolar 2016

The efficient coolcept inverter family now comes with numerous smart functions. (Photo: Steca)

Whether off-grid PV systems, inverters or storage systems, Steca solar electronics impresses with smart devices and new features designed to increase user friendliness and reduce costs.


Valentin Software presents a new generation of planning software T*SOL 2016 and PV*SOL premium 2016

3-phase map imports in the new PV*SOL premium 2016 (Diagram: Valentin Software)

The software company Valentin Software from Berlin has adjusted and reworked its planning and simulation programs T*SOL and PV*SOL to suit current technical developments. Both will be presented at the Intersolar in Munich.