Solar Thermal

Steca solar electronics: preview of the Intersolar 2016

The efficient coolcept inverter family now comes with numerous smart functions. (Photo: Steca)

Whether off-grid PV systems, inverters or storage systems, Steca solar electronics impresses with smart devices and new features designed to increase user friendliness and reduce costs.


Valentin Software presents a new generation of planning software T*SOL 2016 and PV*SOL premium 2016

3-phase map imports in the new PV*SOL premium 2016 (Diagram: Valentin Software)

The software company Valentin Software from Berlin has adjusted and reworked its planning and simulation programs T*SOL and PV*SOL to suit current technical developments. Both will be presented at the Intersolar in Munich.


California: Solar heating proposed as alternative to natural gas

A relief well being drilled at the Aliso Canyon facility to stem the gas leak at an adjacent well in an underground storage field, in Porter Ranch, California, U.S. (Photo: dpa)

After a massive gas leak in a storage facility in California, solar thermal comes into focus as an alternative energy source for heating Californian homes. The administration under Governor Jerry Brown proposed an action plan to increase rooftop solar technologies and reduce the natural gas demand of the region.


Solar thermal simulation software has been adapted to current funding applications

Creating an energy label with the new T*SOL 2016. (Photo: Valentin Software)

The Berlin company Valentin Software has released a new version of its simulation software T*SOL for solar thermal systems. The new version has been adapted to current funding regulations, enabling it to generate certificates of proof to apply for funding through the KfW as well as the Market Incentive Programme (German: Marktanreizprogramm, MAP).


UK government proposes to drop solar thermal support

Will solar thermal systems thrive without an incentive? (Photo: The Solar Design Company)

The UK government wants to remove support for solar thermal from 2017, when the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) regulations are revised. This applies to domestic and non-domestic solar thermal systems. The UK Solar Trade Association (STA) and other renewable energy organisations criticise the new plans.


Living without a “second rent”

First the storage, then the house. Constructing a solar house, as here in Weißenburg, Germany, involves a few peculiarities along the way. (Photo: Haag & Ortner GmbH)

More and more multi-family buildings in Germany are being designed as solar homes. Solar storage then takes centre stage.


STA Scotland proposes incentives to reach 2020 goals

Scotland and solar power – a good-looking partnership. An in-roof solar PV installation in Montrose, Scotland. (Photo: STA Scotland)

The Scottish Solar Trade Association has proposed a list of 20 “Asks” for the Scottish Government to reach Scotland’s 2020 goal of 100 % renewable electricity. These key asks include, but are not limited to, retaining the 5% reduced rate of VAT for all domestic solar retrofit, implementing an ambitious solar action plan for Scotland and establishing financial support mechanisms for PV and solar thermal.