Solar Thermal

Sorel controllers certified

Shortly before the start of the big US solar exhibition Solar Power International, the German company Sorel Mikroelektronik GmbH has had its new generation of controllers certified with the UL/CSA certificate. Sorel can thus now sell controllers with a wide performance spectrum in den USA. The certified products range from the small temperature-difference STDC controllers to the XTDC models.

Vienna provides impulse for renewable heat

On 1st January 2013 the Austrian capital Vienna, a metropolis with 1.7 million inhabitants, will introduce new building regulations which are set to provide a boost to sustainable energies. In future, all building and renovation projects that affect at least 25% of the building's shell will have to include highly efficient technologies.

Orange takes over production from Philippine

As of 1 January 2013, Orange Energy GmbH & Co.KG, with headquarters in the Bavarian town Schweitenkirchen, has taken over the complete collector production of the German manufacturer

Heat pump/solar thermal combination for Caritas Children's Village

The Caritas Children‘s Village (Photo: Ratiotherm)

Ratiotherm, a company which specialises in renewable heating and storage, has upgraded the heating system of the Caritas Children's Village in Marienstein, Germany, and is relying entirely on solar panels and heat pumps.

All-aluminium absorbers: reference installation without corrosion

The reference system with twelve Fino collectors is installed on the facade. (Ph

All-aluminium absorbers are splitting the solar thermal industry down the middle. Some see them as an important way to reduce costs; others just see an additional corrosion hazard.