Solar Thermal

Thermaflex establishes Italian sales subsidiary

The Dutch Thermaflex Group, which manufactures technical insulation materials, has established a branch in Italy. The new subsidiary, Thermaflex Italia Srl, will significantly expand the distribution of pre-insulated flexible pipe systems, particularly in the Italian Mediterranean region.

Coming soon: 100% self-sufficient solar beer

Being a country where beer is the traditional beverage, it is not unusual to find German bioenergy and solar thermal companies close to breweries, providing process heat for them.

Beijing gets Asia’s biggest solar thermal power plant

The experimental power plant is designed by the China Academy of Sciences and is expected to cost 100 million Chinese Yuan (€ 11.45 million). When starting to operate in 2010, the plant is expected to generate up to 2.7 million kWh per annum.
The plant gets its funding from the Ministry of Science, the Beijing municipal government and the academy.

Opening ceremony for Andasol 1

The power plant has already been in operation and connected to the grid since December 2008. It is the first parabolic trough power station in Europe and currently the world’s largest in terms of reflector surface area.
The follow-up project Andasol 2, which is largely identical, is currently being put into operation. Andasol 3 will be connected to the grid in 2011.

SolarOntario to install largest solar pool heater in Canada

With 321 kWth it will be the largest solar pool heater in Canada. The solar pool heating project at the Tansley Woods Community Centre will include two waste heat recovery systems and a solar preheating system for the domestic hot water. The system will provide about 25 % of the energy to heat the pool and save US$ 9,500 for gas and US$ 7,800 of electricity.

ESTIF appointed new Secretary General

Noyon, a French national, holds French, English and German law degrees as well as a Master in European Affairs. After six years in the IT industry as a Sales Manager in France and Ireland, his passion for politics and the construction of Europe brought him to Brussels.

Torresol secures US$ 760 million loan for 100 MW CSP plants

The plants Valle 1 & 2 have already been under construction since March 2009. The total investment for both plants will be US$ 1 billion. Both plants, which are built simultaneously, will be equipped with a molten salt thermal storage for 7.5 hours, to produce electricity through the night and when the weather is cloudy.