Solar Thermal

The First PG&E Check In the State of California for a Residential, Solar-Hot Water Heating System

Walnut Creek - The first rebate to be successfully processed through the new California Solar Initiative-Thermal (CSIT) program (AB 1470) will be recognized through an event that includes the first PG&E check to be presented to a residential user of solar thermal in the state of California.

Willis Renewable wins sustainability award

Sir David Attenborough (left) presents the Ashden Award to John Willis of Willis Renewable Energy Systems. <br><br>Photo: Willis Renewable<br>

Solasyphon uses a heat exchanger outside the water tank, allowing the existing water tank to remain in place. John Willis, Managing Director of Willis Renewable Energy Systems, said: “We designed and are manufacturing Solasyphon to significantly reduce the installation cost of a typical domestic solar system, thereby making solar installations more affordable for the general public.

Solimpeks opens new factory

<b>Solimpeks promises that its thermosiphonic systems are  maintenance free. They do not need a magnesium anode. The tank can be hidden behind the collector.</b><br><br><i>Graphic: Solimpeks</i><br>

The production line has a capacity of 6,000 tanks per year and is located near Solimpeks’ old facility in Turkey. The thermosiphonic systems are produced in two different sizes with a 200 or a 300 litres polyurethane tank. The new tanks are maintenance free and do not use a magnesium anode.

Austria presents master plan for solar thermal energy

The plan includes an offensive for solar heating and cooling in the private and commercial sectors. Over the next 10 years, this would create 55,000 jobs in production and in the installation trade, says a press release from the industry association Austria Solar.

Qatar applies for FIFA World Cup with a solar stadium

<b>Fresnel collectors in front of the model stadium in Qatar. </b><br><br><i>Photo: Mirroxx</i><br>

In order help get a decision in their favour, in September the application committee presented the FIFA inspectors a model stadium that had been erected especially for this purpose. It offers space for 500 people and shows what the World Cup stadiums might look like. The stadium is equipped with an air-conditioning system powered by the sun.

Correction to “Solar thermal world map”

In the 2010 world map of flat plate collector manufacturers Sun & Wind Energy made a mistake concerning the production figures of the Brazilian company Transsen Solar Heater.

French subsidiary of Wagner & Co expands

Simandre - Wagner & Co France SARL, a subsidiary of the german solar specialist Wagner & Co, has moved to larger premises.