Solar Thermal

New energyPRO V4.1 Software for development of Trigeneration and District Cooling Schemes

The energyPRO V4.1 software package from EMD has been expanded with new features allowing users to prepare detailed techno-economic modeling of trigeneration projects. These types of projects have so far been difficult for engineers to model precisely due to their complexity.

Solar thermal technologies to take precedence at Clean Energy Expo China 2011

As one of China's key focus in clean energy, the sustainable development of solar thermal technologies will receive significant emphasis at Clean Energy Expo China with the debut of the integrated Solar Thermal China 2011 exhibition and conference.

Ritter XL Solar and Industrial Solar cooperate in the field of solar process heat for industrial applications

Karlsbad / Freiburg, May 5, 2011. In the future, Ritter XL Solar (Karlsbad) and Industrial Solar (Freiburg) will offer solar thermal solutions for industrial heat - and cooling applications together.

Only 2 % of Swiss hotels use solar energy

Based on the number of hotels in Switzerland, the list represents only 2 % of the total. For comparison, the corresponding figure in Austria is 7 % (as of 2007). Approximately one third of the 53 Swiss Youth Hostels use solar energy. Of the 150 Swiss Alpine Club huts a little more than ten percent use solar energy, although this is increasing rapidly.

BrightSource towers now with heat storage

The SolarPlus called concept is based on BrightSources LPT power tower technology that can produce steam with 540 °C and a pressure of 140 bar. The company now combines this technology with proven two-tank molten salt storage. The two-tank molten storage is most commonly known from Spain, where nearly every CSP power plant is equipped with this technology.

Alstom delivers 125 MW turbine for tower power station

The turbine is destined for the Crescent Dunes Project in Nevada, which is to go into operation late in 2013. Delivery of the turbine is scheduled for September 2012. The power plant, for which construction work has already been started, is based on the tower principle, where a field of biaxially tracking mirrors focus the sunlight onto a central receiver tower.

Solar air-drying for wood chips

The solar system dries 1000 cubic metres of wood chips stored in three silo arrays via an under-floor ventilation system. The company had 75 m² of Grammer Solar air collectors installed on a metal roof. Depending on the amount of solar radiation available, the collectors can heat supply air to as much as 40°C.