Solar Thermal

Tisun builds at dizzy heights

(Phtot: Tisun)

In the Czech town of Brno the Austrian company Tisun is taking part in the construction of what will become the tallest building in the Czech Republic. The firm is responsible for mounting the solar collectors at a height of 111 metres. The collectors will heat the pool of the apartments on the upper six floors of the AZ Tower.

The UK doubles its subsidies for solar energy

Foto: Wagner Solar

The British Ministry of Energy and Climate Change has increased subsidies for renewable heat. The Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) for solar thermal systems has been doubled to £ 600 (approximately € 707).

Energy labelling for heaters and solar thermal systems

The European Union has published the implementing regulation for energy efficiency labelling of space heaters and combination heaters as well as a regulation for the labelling of water heaters and storage tanks in its Official Journal of the European Union. The new guidelines take effect on 26 September.