Wind Energy

GE’s 2.5 MW turbine is coming to America

About 100 of the 2.5 MW machines have already been installed in seven countries. The company has received commitments for more than one gigawatt over the next year in the United States and for half a gigawatt to provide the 2.5xl turbine for projects across Europe.

PowerWind erects five turbines in Eastern Europe

In Toplet, Romania, in the south-western foothills of the Carpathians, the company has put up two turbines of the type PowerWind 56 for its customer Monsson Alma Srl.

Three further turbines have been installed in Ludkowo and Chelmiczki. Both of these locations are around 120 km east of the Polish city of Posen (Poznan).

Suzlon enters Bulgarian wind market

The project will be realised in a wind farm in the Varna region in north-east Bulgaria. The turbines with a total capacity of 12.6 MW will be supplied in October.

SKF and Sinovel agree on partnership

The strategic partnership includes the optimization of the supply chain, training and further education of the members of staff, technical development efforts, design issues and resource management.

RWE to build offshore wind farm off Dutch coast

The planned wind farm will be built about 75 km off the coast of Callantsoog in North Holland. According to the current status of the plans, 59 wind turbines with a total capacity of 300 MW will be erected. The start of construction is scheduled for 2013/2014.

Great Britain plans offshore wind power on a grand scale

In this way, the British government wants to raise the proportion of wind power in the country's electricity supply to 25 %. The total cost of the projects is estimated to be € 110 billion. The project volume has been divided into nine areas in which capacities between 1.3 and 9.0 GW are set to be installed.

Kenersys delivers 2 MW turbines to India

<b>Kenersys is equipping an 8 MW wind farm in Maharashtra, Indias second largest wind state after Tamil Nadu.</b><br><br><i>Photo: Kenersys</i><br><br>

The 2 MW plants from the German-Indian manufacturer Kenersys will be erected in the Satara district in the state of Maharashtra. Kenersys will also take over the service and maintenance of the 8 MW wind farm.

Wind energy yearbook

Half of it consists of data sheets for 92 wind turbines, large and small. This time, the nominal capacities range from 0.165 to 5,075 kW. Since the yearbook describes the European market, there is no information about the megawatt turbines from the Chinese manufacturers, from Suzlon (India) and from Clipper Windpower (USA).

Siemens signs strategic cooperation on renewable energies in Russia

Siemens has signed a partnership agreement for cooperation in the renewable energy sector with the two Russian companies Rostechnologii and RusHydro. The three companies will establish the joint venture “wind energy” where Siemens will retain the majority stake.