Market Overview Solar Stations

A good solar station is essential for the performance of every solar thermal system. In our latest survey we collected data of 122 different solar stations. More and more of them comprise high efficiency pumps. The overview includes stations with and without heat exchangers, dual or single lines and all kinds of sensors. 

Footnotes to the table: HE pump = high efficiency pump; conventional = thermometer, manometer, mechanical flow meter; Vortex = thermometer, manometer, Vortex flow meter; Hall = thermometer, manometer, Hall flow rotor; StS = stainless steal

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The example of Witstung shows the current problem of the energy transition. The small settlement near Bühl in southern Germany consists of ten buildings, every second of which is equipped with a photovoltaic system. On the balance sheet, the amount of energy generated by the PV systems is already as high as the energy consumed in Witstung over the year. Generation and consumption often widely differ, so that a large amount of electricity is fed into the local power grid. In the summer months, therefore, overloads of the power grid, so-called voltage band problems, often occur.

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