Market Overview Thermosyphonic Systems

In our international market overview we present 34 thermosyphonic systems from all over the world.

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The Roboklin 25 tracked vehicle achieves a maximum cleaning rate of 1 MW in five hours. (Photo: Messersi)

The Italian company Messersì is present for five years in the market of PV cleaning solutions with  Roboklin 25, a machine for the automated and time-effective cleaning of large PV farms. The company's main business is actually constructing special vehicles for construction and agriculture.

With immediate effect, Michael Sehner has been appointed Managing Director of Mounting Systems GmbH. Sehner succeeded Stefan Spork at the start of the new financial year on July 1 2016.

Since the introduction of the EEG 2017 at the start of the year, there has been a fundamental change to the support mechanism to a tendering model. Small to medium-size PV systems with an installed capacity of up to 750 kW are exempt, however. Free-standing systems in this segment will receive up to 2.5 cents more as a feed-in tariff than systems in the latest tendering round in accordance with the EEG 2017 (currently 8.51 ct/kWh).

ESCO Technologies Inc. announced that it has acquired NRG Systems, Inc. (NRG), doing business as Renewable NRG Systems, located in Hinesburg, Vermont. NRG, founded in 1982, is the global market leader in the design and manufacture of decision support tools for the renewable energy industry, primarily wind.