Market Overview Vacuum Tube Collectors

Our product overview of vacuum tube solar collectors shows 62 different collectors. You can find single glass, double glass, heat pipe or direct flow collectors with detailed information about every characteristic of the products. 

Solar Vacuum tube collectors

Footnotes to the table: AlN/Al = 1-target-coating on the basis of aluminium nitride ; SS-AlN/Cu = 3-target-coating, combination of steel, copper and aluminium nitride; PVD = selective coating made by Physical Vapour Deposition; laser = laser welding; ultrasonic = ultrasonic welding; PU = polyurethane; GRP = glass-fibre reinforced plastic; AR = glass with anti-reflective coating; ABS = acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

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The new flat glass increases the performance of solar panels. (Photo: Şişecam)

At Intersolar Euroe, Şişecam Flat Glass will present a new product to the industry: Solar Glass with special method Anti-Reflective Coating. The new product reduces reflection of the sunrays hitting the solar panel, thus ensuring maximum penetration into the module. This in turn maximizes the yield of solar energy systems.

Embedding the cells between two layers of glass creates a transparency effect, among other things. (Photo: Solarwatt)

Solarwatt GmbH from Dresden, Germany, has just launched a new high-performance module that it manufactures in-house: the glass-glass 'Solarwatt 60M high power' module is now available with a rated power of 300 W. According to the company, the combination of high performance and durable glass-glass laminate is an innovation.

MetaShield LLC, a market leader in advanced glass-based coating technology, today announced an independent research study indicating its proprietary MetaSOL nanotechnology coating can provide a 1.2 percent (absolute) efficiency boost for triple junction solar cells.

AkzoNobel has finalized the acquisition of BASF’s global Industrial Coatings business, positioning it as the leading coatings provider capable of protecting every part of wind turbines, offering a single source of supply to customers in this fast growing segment.