Baltic Energy Industry Forum 2018 / Warsaw (Poland)

Wednesday, 28 February, 2018 to Thursday, 1 March, 2018
Baltic Energy Industry Forum 2018 / Warsaw (Poland)

By the end of 2030, 4 GW of offshore wind farms (OWF) may be built in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea, and by the end of 2035 the capacity may reach 8 GW. In conjunction with a parallel development of gas power sources at a level of approximately 4 GW and the construction of a transnational offshore grid interconnections with a capacity of 2-3 GW, offshore energy can play a key role in ensuring energy security for Poland in the years 2025-2035.

  • What are possible scenarios for the development of offshore energy in Poland?
  • What has to be done to fully use a potential of offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea?
  • What is the role of gas in modernising the Polish energy sector?
  • What is the potential of Polish offshore industry sector?

These questions will be answered at the Baltic Energy Industry Forum – BEIF 2018. The conference organised by Foundation for Sustainable Energy (FNEZ) for the 4th time will be held on February 28th – March 1st in Warsaw, Poland.