Expo Solar 2017 / Goyang (Korea)

Wednesday, 6 September, 2017 to Friday, 8 September, 2017
Expo Solar 2017 / Goyang (Korea)

As the global photovoltaic market moves from Europe to Asia due to the recent reduction of FIT policy and financial crisis in Europe, the companies & buyers related to global PV become more interested in Asian market. Expo Solar is rapidly emerging as the gateway for main global photovoltaic companies to advance to Asian photovoltaic market.
Certified by International Exhibition Association, the global exhibition certifier and the certification of excellent exhibition of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, it acquired the qualification and requirement of international exhibition in the number of overseas exhibitors and overseas buyers/spectators.
Jointly managed by Monthly Solar Today, a domestic photovoltaic media and the institution related to users, EXPO Solar/PV Korea is the best photovoltaic exhibition trying to induce overseas qualified visitors and to pursue market-oriented trend.

Contact: EXPO Solar 2017, Phone: 0082/2719 6931, interexpo@infothe.com