Offshore wind energy - an opportunity for the Polish economy / Warsaw (Poland)

Monday, 27 February, 2017 to Tuesday, 28 February, 2017
Offshore wind energy - an opportunity for the Polish economy / Warsaw (Poland)

Together with its industry partners, the Foundation for Sustainable Energy (FNEZ) is organizing the international conference for the third time, during which the impact offshore wind energy may have on development of the Polish economy will be discussed. In 2013, FNEZ estimated in consideration of the existing market, environmental and social conditions, that the Polish energy sector will have installed 6 GW in offshore wind farms by 2030.  Since then, it was shown in other expert reports (EY, FNEZ, McKinsey & Company) what a huge economic potential the development of such technology may have. The production by the national industry of foundations, towers, cables, construction vessels, offshore transformer stations may contribute PLN 60 bln to the gross domestic product and create 77,000 jobs by establishing a modern and innovative branch of the maritime industry.
The FNEZ Conference entitled “Offshore wind energy – an opportunity for the Polish economy” shall provide answer to fundamental questions, on the threshold of the most important political decisions to be made by the present government.

Contact: Foundation for Sustainable Energy, Ms Magdalena Madej, Phone: 0048/224122492,