ENERCON opens branch in Taiwan


On Friday, 27 October, ENERCON officially opened its new branch in Taipei, Taiwan. With over 100 guests and business partners in attendance, the new premises were presented to customers and representatives of the regional economy. Employees from the ENERCON Sales, Project & Logistics Management, Purchasing and Service departments will start work in the office immediately.

A total of ten members of staff are employed in Taipei, and this number is set to grow to as many as 30 in the coming years. On top of this, 70 Service technicians already work in the Service stations in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Taipei branch will serve as a base for the entire ENERCON Asia-Pacific installation region. In future, the company will manage all of its Asian activities from here, and examine involvement in further Asian markets. By pooling its expertise in Taiwan, ENERCON can ensure a higher level of Service availability for its customers there. Coordination between departments in different time zones is no longer an issue, and the central geographical location of Taiwan means the various countries in the region can be reached quickly.

Taiwan is an important export market for ENERCON, with a potential of at least 5 GW in the onshore wind energy sector. The energy from onshore wind energy converters is one of the most cost-effective sources of energy in Taiwan. Greater community involvement would unlock the potential for significant expansion. ENERCON endeavours to promote the idea of wind energy projects with community participation in Taiwan, as this is something still largely unheard of there.

The company has been active in the country since 2001 and has installed more than 217 wind energy converters to date, with a total capacity of over 440 megawatts. This figure means ENERCON currently has a market share of almost 70 percent. The ENERCON branch in Taipei will now create further jobs and bring technological expertise to the region.

ENERCON has been present in Asia since 1998. That is the year in which the first WECs were delivered to Japan. In 2001, it entered the market in Taiwan, followed by South Korea in 2016. In 2018, the first WECs will be installed in Vietnam. Japan remains ENERCON’s key market in the Asian-Pacific region with 308 wind energy converters installed, totalling a capacity of more than 520 MW. All in all, ENERCON has installed 533 WECs in Asia so far with a total capacity of 2,683 MW. At present, the company employs roughly 115 staff in Asia.