Construction begins on offshore grid connection DolWin3

Aerial view of the future converter station in Dörpen.
Photo: Heinz Rolfes; Matthäi

The transmission grid operator TenneT and the technology company Alstom are beginning construction work on the new converter station in Dörpen West. The project will implement the third grid connection in the DolWin cluster, using a 900 MW high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line.

As part of the grid connection project DolWin3, construction work on a land-based converter station is now beginning in Dörpen West (Heede). A total of 83 km of submarine cable as well as 79 km of underground cable on land will be laid for DolWin3, which will form the third connection of the DolWin cluster. The alternating current generated in the offshore wind farms will be converted into DC electricity using Voltage Source Converters at the converter platform DolWin gamma, which will be constructed soon, and then transmitted through the submarine cable to the land-based converter station Dörpen West. There, the electricity will be converted back into AC current and fed into the German transmission grid via the substation, going mainly towards consumption priorities in western and southern Germany.

"The land-based station is an essential element of the 900 MW high-voltage direct current (HVDC) grid connection, which will connect large wind farms in the southwestern part of the German North Sea area. DolWin3 is an important building block to ensure that offshore wind energy can make a significant contribution to the energy supply of the future," said Wilfried Breuer, managing director for offshore activities at TenneT.

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