Denmark breaks its own wind record

Wind turbines in Denmark supplied 39% of the electricity demand in 2014. (Photo: Vestas)
Wind turbines in Denmark supplied 39% of the electricity demand in 2014. (Photo: Vestas)

In 2014, Denmark set a new record in wind energy. The country covered 39% of its electricity requirements using wind power.

Denmark is the world leader when it comes to the proportion of wind power in overall electricity consumption. According to, Danish wind turbines supplied 39% of Denmark's electricity requirements in 2014. That makes Denmark the world leader. This means Denmark has bested its own record of 33% in 2013.

In December 2013, Danish wind power reached a level equivalent to more than half of the electricity consumption (54.8 %) for the first time. This value was also exceeded in 2014: In January 2014, wind power supplied a whopping 62% of electricity needs. "I am particularly pleased that the energy industry has again shown that it is possible to handle large amounts of wind power with ease," said Jan Hylleberg, managing director of the Danish Wind Industry Association. This puts Denmark well on its way to achieving its government's goal of covering 50% of the country's electricity requirements with wind energy by 2050.

Katharina Garus

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