Europe adds 12.5 GW of new wind capacity in 2016


On 9th February WindEurope has released the European annual wind statistics for 2016. Also Wind accounted for 51 % of all new power installed, there are still big differences between the Member States of the EU and there is a lot left to do for the Governments.

After connection 12.5 GW of new wind power to the grid last year (10,923 MW onshore and 1,567 MW offshore) the total wind capacity stands now at 153.7 GW. That means that 10.4 % of the electricity need last year has been covered by wind energy.

Investment in new onshore and offshore wind farms reached a record € 27.5 bn. Offshore wind investments rose 39 % year on year to € 18.2 bn, while onshore investments were down 29 % at € 9.3 bn.

The strongest country in terms of newly installed wind power has been Germany with 44 % of the total installation. Giles Dickson, CEO of WindEurope, comments: ”We saw strong expansion in Germany in 2016 but growth remains uneven geographically. Over half the Member States invested nothing in wind energy last year.”

In Dickson’s opinion Policy is key for the future development of the wind energy. Investors urge for clear and ambitious signals. “The Member States also need to start defining in their National Energy and Climate Plans how they will deliver the transition at national level. The Clean Energy Package is the blueprint for this. The Council and the European Parliament need to start working seriously on the Commission’s proposals.”

Philipp Kronsbein / WindEurope

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 2016 saw a high level of investments in offshore wind and a strong pipeline of new projects. (Photo: WindEurope)

WindEurope released its report on the European offshore wind key trends and statistics for 2016. Offshore wind investments in 2016 reached a record € 18.2 billion with 4.9 GW of new capacity financed. Germany, the Netherlands and the UK were the only countries to install in 2016 and the first 8 MW turbine went into the water at Burbo Bank Extension wind farm.

The PNE WIND Group has successfully brought its core business of wind farm development forward in the first half of 2016. In this period, the PNE WIND Group commissioned, started construction on or sold wind farms with a total nominal capacity of 97.8 MW. The onshore wind farms “Westerengel” and “Apensen II” were completed and commissioned. The wind farms “Köhlen”, “Holzthaleben” and “Altenbruch Repowering” are under construction.

At the end of June wind capacity worldwide reached 456,486 MW, which corresponds to 4.7 % of the global electricity demand. In the second half of 2016, an additional 40 GW are expected, bringing the total to 500 GW. The announcement was made by the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) in its half-year report.

Ahead of the Energy Council in Luxembourg on June 6, 2016, 11 energy companies signed a joint declaration stating that offshore wind can be fully competitive with coal and gas by 2025, achieving a cost of 80 €/MWh and below.