Senvion concludes 56 MW wind power project in France


Senvion has recently concluded contracts totaling 56.1 MW for the Antilope wind power project in the Hauts de France region with developer Eurowatt. Senvion will equip the Champ de la Grand-Mère, Terres Noires and Croix Noire 1 and 2 wind farms with a total of 24 wind turbines from its 2 and 3 megawatt portfolio that will produce enough electricity to power more than 18,600 households in France.

The Champ de la Grand-Mère wind farm will feature six MM92 machines with a total rated output of 12.3 MW. Installation will begin by the end of this year and commissioning is planned for March 2017. The Terres Noires wind farm will feature six 3.2M114 turbines with a total rated output of 19.2 MW. Installation is scheduled for May 2017 and commissioning is scheduled for Q3 2017.

In May this year, Senvion concluded contracts with Eurowatt for the Croix Noire wind farms 1 and 2. Croix Noire 1 will feature six MM92 turbines and the Croix Noire 2 wind farm will consist of one MM82 and five MM92 machines resulting in a total rated output of 24.6 MW. Installation is due to start at both wind farms by the end of this year with commissioning taking place in Q1 2017.

The four wind farms have been agreed on a turnkey basis with Senvion responsible for the foundations, civil works and electrical works which began simultaneously at the three wind farms Champ de la Grand-Mère and the Croix Noire 1 and 2 projects last June. Senvion will also provide full maintenance services to all four wind farms for 15 years and an additional Senvion service centre was opened at Frévent earlier this month.

Olivier Perot, Managing Director of Senvion Europe South West, says: "We thank our client Eurowatt for their renewed trust after the installation of 20 Senvion turbines in 2014. These wind farms will lead to the creation of local and highly-skilled jobs through the opening of the Frévent Senvion service center, the fourth in the Les Hauts de France region."

Last month, Senvion announced the company had reached over 2,000 megawatts installed capacity in France. Senvion was established in France in 2002 and has over 1,000 turbines in operation, from the former MD series to the current MM and 3.XM series.

Philipp Kronsbein / Senvion

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