Vertical transport record

The 420-tonne nacelle is lifted off of the ship and onto land. Together, the components weighed more than 700 tonnes. This is a record for a wind turbine. (Photo: Mammoet Wind A/S)
The 420-tonne nacelle is lifted off of the ship and onto land. Together, the components weighed more than 700 tonnes. This is a record for a wind turbine. (Photo: Mammoet Wind A/S)

If horizontal does not work, then do it vertically: Since the lower tower segment of a wind turbine in Denmark could not be transported in a horizontal position, the transport companies needed to come up with something special. They also broke a record while they were at it.

The electrical components had been pre-installed on the tower base of the wind turbine at the factory, so the lower tower segment could not be transported lying on its side as usual. Instead, OCTRA and COORDINADORA, the companies in charge of the transport, came up with a way of transporting the segment in an upright position. According to a press release from the transportation specialist company Mammoet Wind A/S, the 228-tonne tower base was almost 29 metres high.

The 22-kilometre transport from the Danish port of Hanstholm to the test field in Østerild was only feasible using Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs). SPMTs are modular vehicles that are equipped with their own drive units. The mobile platforms have at least two axles and are designed to transport very large and bulky cargo.

The three tower sections and the nacelle that Mammoet transported via the roads that the police had cordoned off weighed a total of 700 tonnes. According to the company, this is the heaviest wind power plant transport that has ever been carried out. Segments 2 and 3 weighed 104 tonnes. This is a mid-range weight, and it was possible to transport them in a horizontal position using conventional articulated lorries. Transporting the 420-tonne nacelle required two lorries pulling in front and one pushing in the rear.


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