About us

For more than 10 years SUN & WIND ENERGY has been the industry medium that covers a broad spectrum of renewable energy sources. Its accumulated competence enables SUN & WIND ENERGY to compile both product and market overviews, background reporting, and current news that the decision makers in the industry and commerce need. Each issue of SUN & WIND ENERGY puts focus on selected key markets, i.e. the energy economies and policies of these countries, including the special circumstances facing the market segments within the renewables sector.

From 2014 on SUN & WIND ENERGY will be published six times a year as a “Solar Edition" and four times a year a "Wind Edition” which will focus on onshore wind power mainly, while the offshore development is covered in the S&WE Offshore Wind Industry magazine. With the new orientation, as well as country-specific topic selection and stronger regionally-oriented distribution with partial publication in bilingual versions, SUN & WIND ENERGY will offer heightened support to corporate marketing and communication strategies. This is reinforced by theme-dependent target delivery in the respective global markets, in addition to 27,000 E-magazine subscribers to the newsletter.

Increased distribution at trade fairs, conferences, and industry events including more than 200 media partnerships per year, and finally our cross-media content on websites, in newsletters, online market overviews, and special publications round out our service.


Photovoltaics are multifunctional. They can deliver electricity everywhere, in grid-tied areas or far from any electricity supply. SUN & WIND ENERGY continuously informs you about the supply chain from silicon to the module manufacturer. The magazine reports on the trends of thin film technology, tracking systems and inverter developments and closely observes the political framework.
Solar thermal
Solar thermal heating systems have become technically rather evolved. They provide one-family houses as well as entire residential areas with hot water. Whether the large manufacturers in China, the solar thermal high technology in Germany, or the emergent markets in the United States – SUN & WIND ENERGY keeps you up to date with solar thermal energy worldwide.
Wind Energy
The utilisation of wind energy is currently making the greatest progress throughout the world. The wind energy trend is increasingly catching on within countries on all the continents of the world. In India and China the market is rapidly growing. The boom is chiefly taking place onshore for the time being, but offshore wind projects will become big business in the future.
Country Special
Every issue of our international magazine SUN & WIND ENERGY features comprehensive Country Specials. SWE has a close look at established and upcoming markets for renewables worldwide.
The Country Specials inform about the status of the renewables, about prevailing technologies, locally and internationally operating companies and general political conditions.