Latest Studies

  • Rubrik: Datum: Title: A forecaster for solar panels

    Together with its EnergyVille partners, imec has developed a simulation model designed to make the energy network more stable. It also makes the sale of energy more profitable and the work of PV researchers easier in general. Hans Goverde, a PV module technology researcher at imec and EnergyVille, tells us how this can be done. And also how, as a result, solar power is now no longer an ‘unpredictable’ source of energy.

  • Rubrik: Datum: Title: Renewables 2018 Global Status Report Now Available

    Renewable power accounted for 70% of net additions to global power generating capacity in 2017, the largest increase in renewable power capacity in modern history, according to REN21’s Renewables 2018 Global Status Report (GSR).

  • Rubrik: Datum: Title: Getting the most out of PV farm refurbishment

    Refurbishing solar farms can be a major financial opportunity for operators. Service providers specialising in this area see it as a lucrative business for both parties.

  • Rubrik: Datum: Title: Better understanding of crystallization in thin-films allows for better performing electronics

    Highly crystalline thin films of organic semiconductors have great potential as a basis for low-cost flexible electronics with a good performance. But one of the obstacles engineers have run into is their limited knowledge of how to make such thin films with large monocrystalline domains, domains that do not slow down or prevent the transport of charges. In a breakthrough study supported by a prestigious ERC grant, professor Paul Heremans, imec fellow and director of imec’s large area electronics department, and his colleagues have studied how exactly crystals are formed in organic semiconductor materials. With that knowledge, they have developed new, scalable techniques to form highly-ordered crystalline organic films. And they have devised methods to integrate these films into devices such as organic thin film transistors, organic solar cells and organic light-emitting transistors.

  • Rubrik: Datum: Title: Servicing is feeling the cost pressures

    Increasing demands by the operators of wind turbines on service and maintenance providers, as well as growing cost pressures, are topics which the sector must look at. This is a conclusion from our current survey of wind power service and maintenance companies.

  • Rubrik: Datum: Title: PV Inverters: Activities which catch the eye

    Inverters have become mass-produced standard products. If a manufacturer wants to stand out it must either offer a superb product or take an entirely different approach.

  • Rubrik: Datum: Title: How can you get the best value out of your energy storage?

    A key challenge for renewable energy plant and utility operators is the selection of the optimum size of lithium-ion (Li-ion) energy storage system to deliver maximum operational and financial benefit. This is because an ESS can have several different roles: control of ramp rates; power smoothing; power shaping/shifting; peak shaving; frequency regulation. Only by understanding its required role and the specifics of each site can we can specify the right ESS for the job.

  • Rubrik: Datum: Title: Upgrades: Optimisation during ongoing operation

    It takes an average of two years of work to bring a new wind turbine onto the market. This is too little time to test each component in detail. But no problem: updates can improve the yields and cost structures of existing turbines.

  • Rubrik: Datum: Title: Premium modules: Players in the top league

    Premium modules are in the champions’ league when it comes to performance and reliability. SUN & WIND ENERGY has surveyed selected players in this top flight about their latest products – and their estimation of the market for these innovations.

  • Rubrik: Datum: Title: China Renewable Energy Outlook 2017

    China has started the transformation from a coal-based energy system with high environmental costs to a low-carbon and environmentally friendly energy system. Our analyses show that the right strategy for policy measures are on the table, but the success of the energy transition depends on strong practical use of these strategies – the power market must be enforced in a way that stimulate flexibility and integration of RE, the carbon pricing mechanisms must ensure sufficiently high carbon prices to make an impact on CO2 emission and the support schemes for RE must stimulate costefficient deployment of RE projects. Also, more ambitious targets for RE and for coal reduction are needed in the short run if China shall be able to comply with the Paris agreements requirements for a “well Below 2 °C” future.