Latest Studies

  • Rubrik: Datum: Title: SuRe - The Global Infrastructure Standard for a Sustainable Future

    A multi-stakeholder process is under way to develop SuRe - The Standard for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure which consists of 65 key sustainability and resilience criteria divided into 14 themes covering environmental, governance and social (ESG) aspects.

  • Rubrik: Datum: Title: A versatile tool for remote measuring

    Hardly any other technology in the offshore industry is evolving as quickly as the LiDAR measuring method. The handy devices have finally also become affordable, and they are increasingly being installed at sea where their nearly unlimited capabilities can be fully used.

  • Rubrik: Datum: Title: Pushing down stagnation temperature

    The idea of having temperatures in excess of 200°C on their roof scares off a lot of potential solar-thermal customers. But the industry has now found ways to solve stagnation problems and limit high stagnation temperatures.

  • Rubrik: Datum: Title: Too little transparency in the storage market

    The company Solarwatt, from Dresden, Germany, developed its storage system “MyReserve” completely on its own and makes the battery modules itself. In an S&WE interview at the technology centre “Solarwatt Innovation”, the centre’s head Andreas Gutsch explained his take on battery technology and its future perspectives. Here we have put together his arguments, background information and forecasts.

  • Rubrik: Datum: Title: Solar power for a piglet farm

    A large number of farms depend on power supplied by diesel generators. An example from Spain now shows that these fossil fuel-powered systems can be almost completely replaced with PV systems.

  • Rubrik: Datum: Title: "He who has kept a good diary is fortunate"

    High operational availability of the wind turbines is a basic requirement for the economic operation of a wind farm - offshore even more so than onshore. Every day that a wind turbine at sea cannot operate is expensive. As part of Task 33 of the International Energy Agency, scientists and industry representatives have looked into the way in which standardized data collection, analysis and evaluation can contribute to the more efficient operation of offshore wind farms and have developed 10 main recommendations. OWI talked to Berthold Hahn, Head of the Department of Wind Farm Planning and Operation at the Fraunhofer IWES, about the compatibility of data, the cost of compilation and fading memory.

  • Rubrik: Datum: Title: Double harvest from the fields

    Ground-mounted photovoltaics and agricultural use do not have to be mutually exclusive.

  • Rubrik: Datum: Title: “Installers need conditions to provide a good service at a fair price”

    The growth rate of solar thermal energy has been declining for years. Is there hope for the coming years? S&WE spoke to Pedro Dias, Secretary General of the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF).

  • Rubrik: Datum: Title: Sharjah: The Emirate that can become solar front runner

    Sharjah is the industrial backbone of the UAE. 40 % of the total industry in the UAE is based in the Emirate. To avoid this turns into a disadvantage, two actions are expected. First, industrial products need to reflect the real costs of power rather than subsidised tariffs. Second, the negative energy balance needs to be neutralized with new capacity and energy efficiency measures.