New mirror for next-gen parabolic troughs

The new mirror is designed for parabolic trough collectors like the Ultimate trough. (Photo: Flabeg)
The new mirror is designed for parabolic trough collectors like the Ultimate trough. (Photo: Flabeg)

German Flabeg FE GmbH has presented its next generation parabolic trough mirror. The new mirror is the next stage of chemical reinforced annealed parabolic trough mirrors showing further increased mechanical resistance.

"The new CR mirror shows a mechanical resistance more than 3 times higher than before and is with a characteristic bending strength of 120 MPa as strong as a tempered mirror now. However the curvature accuracy and solar reflectivity remain at Flabeg’s well known superior level. With this new development Flabeg is ready for the next stage of parabolic trough technology with larger aperture systems focusing the light on small diameter absorber tubes for molten salt applications. The need for collectors and their components is reduced, making further cost savings possible", explains Manfred Bauer, Head of Flabeg Research and Development Division.

The relevant quality parameter for accuracy, the focus deviation (FDx) for RP3 mirrors today is lower than 6 mm. In combination with a solar reflectivity of more than 94.5 % and a mechanical strength of tempered mirrors Flabeg again sets the benchmark for the CSP industry.

The company has also developed a new collector design - the Ultimate Trough Collector. The design goal, a 20 – 25 % higher cost efficiency compared to currently available technology is proven in a full demo-loop, integrated and operated in a commercially operating solar thermal plant in the US since 2013. Flabeg received the official NREL validation of the UT-technology in 2015.

Flabeg FE GmbH is present as Silver Sponsor at the SolarPACES 2015 conference to be held in Cape Town, South Africa from October 13 to 16.

Jan Gesthuizen