Heat Pumps

Sales of Solar Pumps Projected to Prosper at 11.7% CAGR by 2027: FMI Says

In a newly published research report titled “Solar Pumps Market: Global Industry Analysis (2012-2016) and Opportunity Assessment (2017-2027),” Future Market Insights estimates the global solar pumps market to reach up from a value of US$ 822 Mn in 2017 to a value beyond US$ 2,000.0 Mn in the next decade. During the forecast period 2017-2027, the global market for solar pumps is projected to grow at a stellar CAGR of 11.7%.


Brussels celebrating 10 million heat pumps

Major stakeholders of the energy, heating, cooling and other sectors, as well as policy makers were invited by the European Heat Pump Association to celebrate together. The reason for this event was remarkable, namely more green energy, zero emissions and clean air, all that thanks to 10 million heat pumps installed in Europe.


Switzerland: Strong Heat Pump and PV Competition

(Source: Swissolar)

There couldn’t be a starker contrast between the market development of two renewable heat segments: Whereas Swiss heat pump sales remained at around 18,400 units per year from 2014 to 2016, collector sales dropped significantly from 117,634 m² in 2014 to 66,699 m² last year. Market volume is now below where it was ten years ago and solar water heaters are facing strong competition from heat pumps and photovoltaics. The annual solar thermal symposium on 8 November in Dübendorf near Zurich will provide an opportunity to discuss alternative applications and technologies.


Heat pumps on the rise

Although heap pumps showed an upward trend in 2015, they need to be openly supported by policy makers to reassure consumers and investors, EHPA demands. (Photo: Glen Dimplex)

The latest figures released by the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) showed that in 2015, the European heat pump market grew by 10%, resulting in a record year with 880179 units sold contributing to 24 megatons of CO2 emission savings and the creation of 47103 full time jobs.


Intelligent coupling is driving forward the heating transition

The energy centre of Police Academy Biberach in Germany: Two CHP units are combined using power to heat aggregates.(Photo:Duckek)

Combining the power and heat market requires sophisticated overall systems that do not just consist of a single CHP unit or a heat pump. A virtual electricity storage facility in Biberach, Germany, illustrates how this can be achieved.


One year of realignment at Sonnenhaus Institut

In order to qualify as a Sonnenhaus, a building must cover at least 50% of its heating requirements using solar energy. Solar thermal energy is usually used for this purpose. (Photo: Schlagmann Poroton/ Sonnenhaus Institut)

2015 was the first full calendar year following the realignment of the Sonnenhaus Institut, which allowed the combination of photovoltaics and heat pump for the first time. Most Sonnenhaus homes are still heated using solar thermal systems, but photovoltaics are also finding their place.


Heat pump 'barometer' for 2014 has been published

If reversible air-air heat pumps, which are used primarily for cooling, are left out of the equation, then the European heat pump market is clearly dominated by Scandinavia. (Illustration: EurObserv'ER)

The year 2015 is almost over, and the EurObserv'ER report for the European heat pump market in 2014 has finally been released. Developments on the continent vary widely. Sales of air-water heat pumps are booming, but geothermal is still in decline.


Things you need to know about the new heating label!

The efficiency label for new heating systems, water heaters and heat storage systems went into effect on 26 September. Many specialist publications, including our own, have been reporting on the topic for months. Trade associations have also been flooding the market with information, making it hard to keep track. For this reason, we decided to put together a summary of the most important points.


Heat pumps in all colours

Highly efficient and quiet: all new air-water heat pumps from Dimplex models use the same housing. (Photo: Dimplex)

The manufacturer Glen Dimplex Deutschland GmbH is introducing six new heat pumps. Customers can choose the colour of their new heat pumps.


Heat pump Keymark: a single certificate for Europe

The Solar Keymark on a solar thermal collector – soon a similar Keymark will be available for heat pumps. (Photo: Jan Gesthuizen)

The Solar Keymark is well-known all over the solar thermal industry. Now the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) wants to create a similar label for heat pumps. A single label for all of Europe based on the European Committee for Standardization’s (CEN) Keymark scheme will make the certification of heat pumps in Europe a lot simpler. What’s especially interesting about the new label is that participating manufacturers will agree to third party checks of their products.