Photovoltaics in France

Total continues its development in solar energy

Tenesol, which was created in 1983, is a top-tier solar energy operator in Europe, leader in the French market for large industrial and commercial photovoltaic rooftop solutions.

Tenesol designs, manufactures, markets and operates photovoltaic energy systems.

Following a PV Moratorium and market cap, new slashed incentives take effect

Berlin/Paris. The French Minister for the Environment, Nathalie Kosciuso-Morizet has announced that photovoltaic systems with a capacity of over 100 kW are now to receive a reduced remuneration of EURO-Cent 12 per kWh. The tariffs which come into effect today apply to all systems regardless of whether they are installed on a roof or open-space.

New standard demands protection class 2 for DC system components in France

Biel - Sputnik Engineering is unveiling its MaxConnect plus p generator connection box for the first time at the French trade fair in Lyon. The new product, which groups together central inverter module strings, complies with the standard UTE C15-712 for grid-connected solar power systems, which has been effective in France since 1st January 2011.

Upsolar Receives Certification from Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment

To be considered for CSTB approval, module producers and mounting component manufacturers must submit comprehensive technical data to the organization. Following a thorough examination, only a handful of applicants are deemed eligible and granted certification.

REC Announces Construction of 24 MW Solar Power Plant in Italy

The project is the largest lease financing solution for a photovoltaic project in Italy. Organized in a special purpose vehicle company named Phenix Renewables SRL, it received all required authorizations in March, 2010. The installation is financed through a leasing structure with the financial close and first draw-down on the financing completed in early January.

Sunways AG strengthens presence in the French photovoltaics market

Konstanz - Among European photovoltaics markets, France has a most promising potential for growth. Wattsol S.A.R.L. in Villeneuve d

Siemens to build solar 30 MW PV in France

Purchaser is Eco Delta Développement (EDD), a project developer for renewable energies, whose subsidiary Delta Solar is developing the photovoltaic park. Siemens will handle the turnkey construction of six solar power plants with a combined capacity of 30 megawatts peak (MWp) in Les Mées in the province Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.

France cuts feed-in tariff

According to the French press, the high support payments have given rise to a speculation bubble. At present, almost 3,000 applications for the payments are submitted in France every day. Last summer, by way of contrast, only 5,000 applications were filed every month.