Ritter XL Solar and Industrial Solar cooperate in the field of solar process heat for industrial applications

Karlsbad / Freiburg, May 5, 2011. In the future, Ritter XL Solar (Karlsbad) and Industrial Solar (Freiburg) will offer solar thermal solutions for industrial heat - and cooling applications together. The cooperation allows the use of solar energy for processes from 60 up to 400 Grad Celsius Solar heat can be used either for production processes as well as for heating and cooling of commercial buildings. Energy costs and CO2 emission will be reduced significantly.

In this new cooperation Ritter XL Solar focuses on solar thermal large-scale projects using evacuated tube collectors for applications up to 130 Grad Celsius maximum. The so called Fresnel-collectors which Industrial Solar has brought to market readiness over the past years, use large mirror systems which follow the position of the sun. This allows the generation of significantly higher temperatures.

"The increasing demand and the great market potential also for applications in the temperature range higher than 130 Grad Celsius request to include a solution for higher temperatures into the product portfolio. With the Fresnel-collector from Industrial Solar we can now offer a proven technology for the high temperature applications to our customers", says Detlev Seidler, Managing Director of Ritter XL Solar.

The Fresnel-collector from Industrial Solar has been used in large-scale projects multiple times. For example, in Doha/Qatar, the country of the World Cup 2022, a collector with a gross area of 14,000 square feet was realized last year, to date one of the largest Fresnel installations for solar cooling worldwide. With a temperature of 180 Grad Celsius an absorption chiller with a cooling power of 650 kW is driven. This cools a small stadium.

„We see great potential in the alliance with Ritter XL Solar, especially because our customers also run processes below 130 Grad Celsius and therefore we can offer our target group the leading evacuated tube collector as well. The combination of both technologies allows the needs-based provision of solar energy in different temperature ranges and thus complements excellently for a variety of applications. Therefore we are happy that we gained Ritter XL Solar, the internationally operating company and market-leader for solar thermal large-scale systems, as our partner", says Tobias Schwind, Managing Director of Industrial Solar.

Ritter's evacuated tube collectors have been used for large-scale projects since 2006. At the Festo AG in Esslingen for example one of the worldwide largest solar plants of this kind to date with a gross area of 13,300 square feet has been realized. It provides the supply of process heat, heating support and cooling.

Solar thermal large-scale plants are perfectly suited to significantly reduce the CO2 emission with a economically attractive return. Strongly risen energy prices over the last months again created a stronger public awareness of the need to reduce energy costs and the dependency of fossil fuels by the application of environment-friendly solutions.

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