New thermal energy storage system for CSP

The mode of operation of the NEST thermal energy storage system. (Graphic: NEST AS)

The Danish company Aalborg CSP A/S and the Norway based company NEST AS have jointly developed a thermal energy storage system, more precisely a direct-steam-to/from-concrete storage system. The new storage system should enable predictable and on-demand power generation for CSP plants.


US$ 519 million for Ouarzazate Solar Complex

The World Bank approved US$ 519 million for phase two and three of Morocco’s Ouarzazate Solar project to help reduce its dependency on fossil fuels. The first phase, a 160 MW parabolic trough solar thermal power plant, is already under construction and will start operation in 2015.


New molten salt solar plant starts operation

Novatec uses Fresnel collectors for quite some time now. Now for the first time molten salt will be used as heat transfer medium. (Photo: Novatec)

Novatec Solar and BASF have commissioned a solar thermal demonstration plant based on a new type of molten salt technology, known as direct molten salt or DMS technology. The plant is located on the site of the solar thermal power plant PE1 in southern Spain.


Kerosene from sunlight

The solar reactor for producing synthesis gas.

For the first time ever, an international team of researchers working on the SOLAR-JET project has succeeded in creating aircraft fuel out of sunlight, water and carbon dioxide.
"Our basic idea is to reverse the combustion process. We take carbon dioxide and water vapour emissions, add energy and produce fuel," explains Dr Patrick Le Clercq, who manages the project at the DLR Institute of Combustion Technology in Stuttgart.


World’s largest CSP project on grid

The Ivanpah plant in the Mojave Desert in California (Photo: BrightSource Energy Inc.).

In Ivanpah, California, a concentrating solar power plant with a capacity of nearly 400 MW achieved commercial operation. It is the biggest solar project of its kind and will supply 140,000 homes with electricity.


DLR intends to develop their solar receivers further with a new test facility

The test receiver on the tower of the solar power plant in Jülich (Photo: DLR)

The German Aerospace Centre (DLR) has put a new solar receiver testing facility into operation on the tower of the Jülich solar power plant. Working at the research level below the main receiver, the researchers are aiming to further develop the principle of open volumetric receivers and increase their efficiency.


New Indian receiver order for Siemens

Only a few weeks after the first order, Siemens has been awarded with a second order from India for its UVAC receiver. Siemens will deliver 17,000 receivers for the Megha parabolic trough power plant to be built in Andhra Pradesh, near Hyderabad, India. Commissioning for the 50 MW plant is scheduled for spring 2013.