Innovative installation for parabolic trough testing

The new test stand for parabolic trough collectors in Spain  (Graphic: CTAER)

The Advanced Technology Centre for Renewable Energies (CTAER) from Spain has signed a contract with IDOM engineering to start work on the construction of the variable geometry testing facility for the evaluation and characterization of solar collectors of the parabol

New parabolic trough collector from 3M and Gossamer

The Large Aperture Trough 73 (LAT 73) features a concentration factor of over 100. Photo: 3M

3M and Gossamer Space Frames have unveiled a new parabolic trough solar collector for CSP power plants. The Large Aperture Trough 73 (LAT 73) features a concentration factor of over 100 and an aperture height of 7.3 m and length of 192 m, which is achieved by 16 elements of each 12 m length. The total collector area is about 1,400 m2.

New 50 MW CSP plant in South Africa

The construction of the new Bokpoort CSP power plant in the Republic of South Africa has officially started. The project is an initiative of the South African Department of Energy (DoE) and is led by the Saudi Arabian ACWA Power company. The Republic has excellent solar resources and the CSP industry has high hopes for South Africa.

The optimal drive for parabolic troughs

The development of hydraulic drives for parabolic troughs in solar thermal power plants continues. A number of optimization options still remain for individually adapting drives to plants. Plant operators are benefitting from the drives’ longer service life, reduced commissioning and maintenance times, and decreased energy requirements.

FCC starts construction of 50 MW CSP plant in Spain

Alberto Fabra, President of the Valencia regional government, and Baldomero Falcones, Chairman and CEO of FCC at the ground breaking  ceremony.

The Energy division of the Spanish FCC group has started the construction of the 50 MW parabolic trough plant Enerstar. The plant is located near the city of Villena in the region of Alicante. The site has a solar average annual irradiation of 1,900 kWh/m² which is one of the highest in the Valencia region. Once finished, the € 230 million plant will cover an area of 230 hectares.

Environmental award for Solarlite power

Solarlite GmbH was awarded the National Energy Globe Award for Thailand for building the first commercial parabolic trough power plant using direct steam generation. The TSE 1 plant in Thailand's northern province of Kanchanaburi has an electrical output of 5 MW and was inaugurated on November 29, 2011.

Siemens Energy delivers receivers to India

The slowly blossoming market for solar thermal power stations in India is increasing in importance for Siemens. After recent orders for turbines, the company will now also supply receiver tubes to India. The vacuum tube receivers of type UVAC 2010 are to be delivered to Shriram EPC Limited.