No show stoppers for Concentrating Solar Power

Gothenburg - A recently published study confirms that solar thermal power is largely unrestricted by materials availability. There are, however, some issues that the industry needs to look into soon, like replacing silver in mirrors.

US subsidiaries of Solar Millennium also insolvent

Following the German parent company that had filed for bankruptcy already several months ago, now the American subsidiaries of Solar Millennium have become insolvent.

New Linear Fresnel Collector from Am-Brain

Sunlight reflection of K125 collector with 10 times concentration in comparison with the sunlight reflection of a normal float glass mirror. (Photo: AM-Brain)

The German Start-up Am-Brain GmbH has developed a new solar collector for CSP power plants. The core component of the Ambrain named collector is the K125-RS, which is a new solar reflector based on the Linear Fresnel Reflector (LFR) principle and has been proved in laboratory tests.

New Indian receiver order for Siemens

Only a few weeks after the first order, Siemens has been awarded with a second order from India for its UVAC receiver. Siemens will deliver 17,000 receivers for the Megha parabolic trough power plant to be built in Andhra Pradesh, near Hyderabad, India. Commissioning for the 50 MW plant is scheduled for spring 2013.

Spanish companies TSK, Acciona, SENER and Aries in the awarded consortium to build and operate Ouarzazate concentrated solar power plant in Morocco

MASEN, the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy has announced Saudi’s ACWA in a consortium with Spain’s TSK and Aries have been awarded to build and operate the 160 MW Ouarzazate CSP plant in southern Morocco.

The consortium has passed the two rounds since in the last quarter 2010, MASEN unveiled a call for tenders. 19 bidders were selected in the first round and three in the second.

Solar Millennium also insolvent in the USA

Parabolic trough collector in Solar Millenniums last power station Andasol 3. Shortly after it was completed, the company went bankrupt. Photo: Solar Millennium.

Several months after Solar Millennium AG declared itself bankrupt in Germany, the company's subsidiary in the USA has now registered its insolvency.The main explanation for the move is the bankruptcy of the German company Solarhybrid AG, which wanted to take over Solar Millennium's American projects.

A new CSP plant for Morocco

Plans by Morocco to generate an additional 500 MW from two new concentrating solar power plants moved a notch higher on September 24, when a US$ 1 billion deal was signed for construction of one of the plants by the end of the year.Morocco’s state solar energy agency, MASEN, signed the contract for the 160 MW CSP plant, the firs